10 Free Apps For Travelers Who Work Offline

In this article you will find ten apps that you may use offline. Some are more offline-user friendly than others. Still, if you are able to download and use them online before you travel, then most of them allow you to save information that may be used later whilst you are traveling. Each one is free, but most of them have upgrades you can purchase if you wish (still, the basic program is free for all).

1. City Maps2Go

This is a free iOS app you can use if you have no Internet connection. It is a mapping app that allows you to save massive maps to your mobile device. It has over seven thousand five hundred maps that you can access offline, and is has some of the lesser traveled to areas on file. Due to the fact they are accessible offline, you are left with fewer interactive options, but the maps are very detailed and are still of great use.

2. Free Wi-Fi Finder

This is a free app you can use with the iOS and Android. It does as the name suggests. It helps you locate Wi-Fi hotspots so that you may connect to the Internet. It has many places in its directory, plus if you do get onto the Internet then you can keep updating it. It has placed indexed all over the world, and they are still adding more and more as they find more and more

3. Evernote

This is a very popular and free note-taking app that works for the IOS and Android. It allows you to make notes and store them in categories of your choosing. It means you can take notes and keep them safe. It also allows you to store images and videos, which is quite handy if you want a little media evidence to go along with your notes. You can also dictate to it if you do not feel like writing your notes down and the audio files may be saved in easy to use categories too.

4. Adobe Photoshop Express

This is the free version of Photoshop and allows you to prepare your photos whilst on the road so that you can post them straight online as soon as you hit your next Wi-Fi hotspot. It works for the IOS and Android and works offline. You can fix up your photos on the road and you will not have to wait until you get home to start showing people a few of your more high quality photos. There are plenty of functions you can play with for free.

5. XE currency

This is a free Android and iOS app that has a lot of functions you can access offline. The only downside is that if you do not connect to the Internet for a while then the data may go out of date. This is true of most apps anyway, and shouldn’t really matter unless the value of a currency fluctuates a lot whilst you are traveling.

6. Trip advisor

This is a free Android and iOS app that is well known and popular. It is based on the Trip advisor website data. You can look up what you want whilst online via the app and then save the interesting parts onto your phone so that you may access it later whilst offline.

7. Amazon Kindle

This is a handy and free app that you can use for the IOS, Kindle, and Android. It is an app that allows you to read whilst you are traveling. You can download books and then read them offline. It is handier than having to transport paper books, which are obviously going to be weighty. Plus, you can access hundred of books instead of being limited to the few paper versions you carry around.

8. Lonely Planet

This is an app you can get for free, or you can use the more advanced and full featured version, but it will cost you $10.49. It is a traveling app you can use for the IOS, Kindle, and Android. It acts as a guidebook for some of the best known areas and tourist spots and its index spans across the world. It also includes language phrase books, maps and guides. It will also help you with your documents before you leave.

9. Triposo

This is a very popular and free IOS and Android app that allows you to see some very specific information about certain areas. If you want to use it offline then you have to save your information whilst you have a connection. You may then cart the information around with you as you travel from place to place. It shows you where amentias and entertainment venues are.

10. Podcasts

This is a free iOS app that allows you to save your audio podcasts in the same way that the kindle app allows you to save books and the Evernote app allows you to save notes and videos. It means you can collect together and organize podcasts whilst you are online, and then listen to them offline whenever you are traveling and have hit a bit of a boring area.

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