10 content strategy tips to deal with google panda update

10 Tips Strategy For Your Content to Google Panda

The purpose of Google’s Panda update is to support quality content from websites and downgrade the low quality and duplicate content. Content farms were ranking better on Google because it was high in volume. Another strategy which had used by the content farms is to optimize the articles with excess amount of keywords.

These techniques helped the content farms to become at the top, while the other high quality content suffered and remained behind. While, Panda has ensured that low quality content does not get the public eyes in the SERP’s. Panda’s latest version 4.1 promotes small and medium-sized websites with high quality content. The following is the way to build the content, which will be promoted by the Google Panda.

content strategy tips

Increase Content Quality

The quality of content has to be high, which ensures that the contents meet the mark, and people have to know that how to develop the content. High quality content is related to Google’s objective of best user experience.

Stay Updated and Relevant

Old published studies, which contain incorrect and outdated information, are become to Panda penalties. The content has to be up-to-date and try to create new content which is timely and relevant.

Try to Go Evergreen

In order to stay on the top the content has to be fresh. Evergreen content is the extraordinary additions to the content strategy. It provides timeless approach to content which never gets old. Evergreen content is best for the content collection and valuable to the audience. The examples of Evergreen content are:

  • Reference material
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Top tip posts
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Guides to industry terminology

Keep Keyword Density in Check

The keyword density creates or breaks the chances with Panda; it also has impact on the audience. It is the ratio based on the number of times the keyword has been used as compared to the amount of text in the content. There have to be fair balance between keywords usage and content.

Avoid duplication

Try to avoid copying from other websites, as it would be subject to the Panda penalties. The content has to be built and write on your own ideas and words.

Go Long

Long form content is considered best and it has direct link with performance in the SEPRs. It not need to write life story, but 2000 words and up is best starting point for the long content. The length of the content should not hit the quality of the content.

Stay on Topic

Always try to stay on the topic, as straying from the original topic can damage the SEO and content efforts. Unnecessary words and sentences reflect bed impression of the content and the try to improve the content without going away from the original topic.

Link valuable Content

By creating link worthy content may aid to magnetize high quality links from outside sources. Consider the type of content which should be link to your content, if you will link to it, there is the possibility that someone else also will do this.

Formatting Matters

Low quality formatting posts may lead the content for the panda penalties and they will be the possibility of eliminating and rejection. The formatting has to be done appropriately as proper Headings, sub-headings, proper paragraph and bullet points can work marvellous for the formatting.

Engage and Educate

The engaging and educating content is always highly worthwhile in both the eyes of audience and Panda. The engaging and informative content translates to greater user experience. If the entire experience is high the content is doing a very good job.

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