10 Ways to Make The Best Out Of a Video Conferencing

Have you ever walked out at the end of a video conference and felt as if there were a lot of things that you could have discussed but somehow forgot to mention? Has it ever happened to you that you had to sit through a video conference without providing any fruitful suggestions or inputs? The good news is that you are not alone in case you ever experienced such strange feelings. The bad news is that you do not know how to make the most of a video conferencing session. Here are 10 ways to make the best out of a video conferencing:

Planning and preparation

This is the most basic thing that you need to do when you are scheduled for a video conferencing. You need to find out everything related to the meeting. Try to find out who all are participating in the meeting and learn about the agenda of the meeting. It is very important to learn about the things that you will be discussed in the meeting. There is no point in participating in a meeting where you cannot contribute anything just because you really never knew what the meeting was all about. Once you learn about the purpose of the meeting, it is time to prepare yourself so that you can contribute positively.

Do not have any other tasks pending while attending a meeting

Attending a meeting where you are bogged down by the thought of some pending work will lead to nothing. You will lose interest both in the meeting as well as the work that is pending. Thus, it is better to finish all the pending tasks or hand them over to your colleagues if you are scheduled for a video conference.

You must be clear about what you want from the conference

Video conferences are precise and you should always be clear about what exactly you need from the meeting.

Get the schedule finalized

It is imperative that you have a schedule set for the meeting so that you are neither late nor ill prepared for a video conference. You need to learn about the exact timing of the conference and then set your schedule to include the meeting.

Be ready for some socializing

Not all video conferences are the serious kind where you get to meet your bosses or colleagues. You might even bump into interesting individuals so it is best to go with an open mind and meet some new people. You might even end up connecting with a few interesting and resourceful people.

Be ready to embrace new ideas and get inspired

Video conferences can often bring up some surprises and new ideas. Go with an open mind so that you are able to embrace the new ideas and even get inspired by them.

Do not hesitate to contribute

You have to do away with all your inhibitions because that is the only way how you can openly interact with others. You should never hesitate to share your ideas or thoughts and you must always try to contribute something in a meeting.

It is time to unwind

Do not treat the video conferences as another run-of-the-mill meeting. You should never think too much about a meeting and can even maintain a casual approach to the conversations. Be your jovial self and enjoy the interactions.

Be ready with your set of ideas

If you do your homework prior to attending video conferences then you will always have a few ideas that you can share with your colleagues and fellow participants.

Bring back some value for your employer

Your employer wants you to bring back something new from every video conference that you attend. So always keep in mind that you bring back at least something that would add value to your organization.

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