You’ve a wonderful blog and your posts are intelligently written. The few friends who read appreciated your posts. Now how do you get across to millions of readers across the globe? People are hungry for information especially if it is topical and makes sense. Get what I say?

It’s very important to promote your blog in the right manner after you have written it completely. The right amount of promotion will help you to target potential readers.

Here are ten different ways to promote your next blog post:

  • You can promote your blog by providing its link in your newsletter which you normally send to a list of people maintained by you. Use this way to promote your blog only when you have written your best blog posts.
  • Another interesting way to promote your blog post is to write a follow up post to your previous blog. There should be some linkage to the previous blog in your latest blog.  This will provide you with much needed impetus to promote your previous blog.
  • You can take the help of other bloggers to promote your new blog posts. Remember you will not get help from every blogger you know. Stick to the bloggers who are ready to help you out in making readers aware about your blog post. Only approach those bloggers whose blogs will have some connection with your blog post.
  • Use RSS Feeds on your blog. Also make your blog search engine friendly. Positioning keywords strategically will help in SEO. This way the search bot will be attracted to your blog. ( keep your fingers crossed here).
  • You should promote your new blog posts by linking them in your email signatures. This too will help you in getting traffic towards your blog posts.
  • You can make good use of social messaging sites to promote your blog post. This will help you to divert traffic to your blog post. Social bookmarking is another handy way to promote your next blog post. You can choose the best bookmarking sites for promoting your blog posts. Facebook, Twitter, Stumble Upon, Google+ are some of the social networking sites where you can promote your blog post. 
  • You can also promote your blog posts by advertising them. This should be done by you only if you have kept aside a small budget for your blog’s advertising. Do advertising for only those blog posts which are special in quality and content.
  • You can become a guest blogger on another blogger’s blog. It will help you to tap new audience for the type of blog posts which are written by you.
  • You can also promote your next blog post by linking your new blog anywhere within the contents of your previous blogs.
  • Finally, you can also leave your blog posts links at blogs written by other bloggers. This should only be done by you if your blog is strongly related to the topic which has been covered by the blogger who has written the blog.
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