It’s not everyone’s cup of tea or Well, coffee. Writing is something all of us wish to do but only a few are able to strike a chord with the readers. Our ideas maybe brilliant but to put it down on paper becomes difficult for many of us and that is when we look for professional help to write for our blog. Whether it is to comment on other blogs or write for your own there are ways to write that not only can attract readers but is also loved by Goggle, the Big Daddy.
While writing blog posts you need to keep in mind a few points that will help readership to grow which in turn will help your blog to grow.
  1. It’s very important to give boost your readers. They are the ones who make your posts popular. So the next time if a reader writes an interesting comment below your post, try to place that comment at the ending of your post. This will help others to comment on it as well as make the reader who commented feel important.
  2. People love controversy so if you have it in you to write on controversial topics, then definitely go ahead and write on such topics. You will be able to generate a good response for the same. For example when Google panda updated the last time, I wrote posts that generated sufficient response.
  3. Always write with lots of passion. Readers get drawn to blogs which are full of life. On the other hand, they avoid blogs which are dry in content.
  4. Try to have a proper sequence for your posts. Choose a particular topic and continue writing on the same every week. Thus your readers will look forward to your post every week. You can develop a chain of posts which cover the same topic or interest but which keeps giving new aspects on it every week.
  5. The more you cover topics which are hot and not written by anyone, better are your chances of doing well. So try to look for that rare nugget of news which will first feature on your post. For example if your blog is about skin care products, like this page that talks about Clarisonic, then you should focus on giving skin care tips for every season.
  6. You should give your own contribution on other blogs too. This will help you to make the new readers aware about yourself. Guest posting is a wonderful way to attract more readers.
  7. You can write on issues which will help readers save valuable time and money. You will realize that readers love to read posts which teach them about saving time and money.
  8. Try to write on topics on which you have high level of expertise. This will help you to give useful tips on the same to your readers who will find your posts very useful and practical.
  9. If you can write on issues which are able to give a solution, you will get a very good response as people are always on the lookout to get a solution to their endless problems which are common nowadays.
  10. Finally you can also write posts which narrate a story in an interesting format. This too will be appreciated by your readers.
Latasri is an avid blogger who makes available skin store coupons  besides others on her website Her blog about coupons and discounts for products like Skinstore and Clarisonic, gives tips to get glowing skin.