Google Blogger may not be the best blogging platform on the web but I feel it surely has gone better and better with time. Lots of changes have taken place in these 3 years. And all good ones. Infact, I feel Google did the best job by redesigning blogger interface just few months back. The old interface was good but the new redesigned interface is far better than the old one. Highly organized, aesthetic and user-friendly…I should say the same. I did a good thing by switching over to the new interface in no time but I think there are still many bloggers out there who haven’t yet tried out the new interface. To those people, either you can switch over to the new interface now or you can just wait before you are made to use the new interface. Google has finally decided to make the new interface permanent which means the default interface for Blogger will be changed to the new version in the coming weeks. So, like it or not…it is just a matter of time before you are made to go for a change. And if you are being too negative about this change then please have a look at the video below which shows reasons for the switch over and features provided with the new look -

Also, the Blogger team has made 3 new additions to its existing available features. Two additions are related to Google+. Now, you can add Google +1 Button and Google+ Badge to your blog. The gadgets can be added by clicking on – Add a Gadget in the Layout section. The Google+ button has gone very popular from the moment it was launched. Along with the facebook like and retweet button, you can also find +1 being used on most of the sites today. The +1 button makes your content viral through easy sharing with like minded people across the web while the Google+ badge helps you connect with friends, fans and customers by enabling your blog readers to add you or your blog to their circles and following your posts on Google+.
Google+ button
Google +1 Button
Google+ Badge
The third addition to the Google Blogger is truly exciting. Blogger now has a feature to shoot and share your pics, videos directly from your webcam. I tested it out today and found it really good. This new feature allows you to add a bit of personality to your posts and thus looks pretty cool..!

shoot and share pics from your webcam

shoot and share videos from your webcam

So, I guess these new features are welcome addition to the Google Blogger. I would request my blogger friends to make use of all these features today to engage your audience more and more..!!