How to broadcast best interesting facebook live videos

20 Tips for Broadcasting Interesting Facebook Live Videos

Considering the increasing fame of Facebook’s live broadcast option, it is important to know how to produce the most successful Facebook live videos.

Owing to the growing popularity of live streaming, Facebook also launched the option of ‘live videos’ for its users earlier this year. From then on, we have seen plenty of live streaming broadcasts on this social forum. Facebook must be appreciated for the timely release of this exciting feature. It seems that they always strive to serve as a complete package for its users!


Facebook Live – A Convenient Interactive Feature

Facebook Live is not only serving as a medium of direct connectivity between its users, but is also becoming a workable marketing tool for different online businesses. The ease of use is what makes it even more attractive – just click on the ‘go live’ option, and you can start broadcasting a live video for up to 90 minutes. Similar to other streaming websites, Facebook Live also provides live chat option where the viewers can interact with each other by posting their views. Another amazing aspect of this feature is that these videos remain available to be viewed even after the streaming is completed. Therefore, you keep receiving more viewership and subsequent feedback later as well.

Tips to Produce Successful Live Videos

When Facebook has provided you with such an interesting feature of live videos, why waste it by random clicks and abrupt broadcasts? Here we give some basic tips for you to enjoy an interesting Facebook Live Video experience.

Know the motive

Before you choose to start a live broadcast, it is essential to have a clear idea about what you will present in your video. After you click on ‘go live’, you are given a margin of 3 seconds only before you are on-air! Therefore, having everything prepared well before time is the key to avoid a ‘live video disaster’.

Pick-up a suitable app

A Facebook Live video is produced via some FB app. Thus, the selection of appropriate app is very important before going live. For users with verified FB accounts, Facebook Mention appears to be more suitable as it also offers various additive features to its users.

Make a draft/outline

It is always wise to prepare a rough draft regarding your plan of action for the video. Make a note of the program, script, theme, and other minute details, so that you will know how to proceed with your ideas.

Check internet reliability

Of course, nobody likes to watch a video that stops and reloads multiple times within few minutes. Therefore, one of the plus points of using Facebook Live is its dependencyon strong internet connectivity. You can only click the ‘go live’ button when the internet connection is perfect, otherwise it’ll remain inactivated.

Know how to use Facebook Live

For producing an error-free video broadcast, it is better to update your knowledge about the various features of live streaming on FB, rather than screening bloopers in the live show!

Choose appropriate timings

In order togain a large viewership for your live FB video, selection of perfect timings is necessary. In accordance with the topic, you need to find out the ideal time when most of your target viewers will be available online.

Ensure vigorous promotion

Besides selection of timings, make sure to start promoting your video broadcast well before time, so that those who are interested in connecting with you will be available online before time.

Check the lights

Any video which is not clearly visible will always fail to grab viewers’ attention no matter how strong the content is. Therefore, prior going live, you must check whether the lights are sufficient for a clearer video quality.

Check sound quality

Apart from visual quality, proper audibility is also essential, because if your viewers cannot hear anything clearly, they won’t be able to comprehend the aim of your video.

Arrange required equipment

Think about all the essentials needed for a perfect live video session. List them out and make arrangements forthem well before time.The list may include a tripod, camera lens, light sources, etc.

Develop a context

For an unforgettable live broadcast, make sure to initiate your video impressively. At the very start,presenting a generalized introduction of yourself andof the topic would suffice to let your viewers understandthe purpose of your video.

Keep your video longer to gain more viewership

Building up a large viewership for any video is a time-consuming activity, regardless of how powerful your promotion is. Therefore, make sure to produce a relatively long video clipso that whenever new viewers are online, they can join your live stream.

Move the camera gradually

If your video demands displaying various scenes around you, make sure to move the camera gently so that the video quality does not get disturbed during the live stream.

Interact personally

Live chat is an excellent way to interact with all online viewers. Just a simple ‘hi’ would suffice to initiate a personal communication.Keep an eye on the comments received from your viewers; see if any of these needs your response, and keep on encouraging everyone with your comments.

Be Assertive

Your tone, appearance, language, everything plays a major role in creating your positive or negative image on viewers. Therefore, keep everything simple yet attractive; stay what you are and say what you want to. Imitating others’ style is not appreciated these days.

Include visual allures

To make eye-catching Facebook Live videos, work a little on the background will help; try swapping between the front and rear cameras of your cellphone so as to show different scenes to the viewers. You should make all possible efforts to keep your viewers hooked-up to the video.

Ask your viewers to share the video

A simple sharing by each viewer will result in an enormous increase of viewership for your video. Therefore, making a simple and humble call to your viewers for sharing your video is not harmful.

Do not end abruptly

By havingthe rough draft in-hand, you will be having a clear idea when you are going to end your video. At this stage, make sure you do not rush. Finish up the contents smoothly, and, after you finish, wait for the ‘ping’ signal which indicate the end of your live broadcast, before you sign out. Remember, an impressive endingisalso essential to develop a lasting video!

Edit your video

Wondering why to edit an already broadcasted content? Although, your live broadcast is over, but,as said earlier, FB Live keeps videos available even after the live session is completed. Therefore, such editing will improve the quality of your video for viewership in future.

Check out the feedback

After the broadcast is completed, not only the video is available to view, but the option for comments is also availableto everyone. This gives you an opportunity to continue receiving feedback about your live stream, which will eventually help you in future.

Hilary Addison is a video production artist & creative writer as well as She works at Animated Video Company in USA. Her vision is to provide information about 2D and 3D technology that’s why she is working for many IT magazines online.

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