First of all, I am wishing all my friends, supporters and visitors…a very happy and a prosperous new year. I know I am a bit late with this but I do have a reason for it. I have a very busy schedule here and certainly didn’t feel like blogging on weekends. It was a very lazy weekend for me :P

Anyways, the joy of blogging increases once we begin to notice positives out of it. Isn’t it a great feeling when you see something happening and paying your positively? There are many ways to notice this development on your blogs and one of the top being your RSS feed subscribers. You want them. Isn’t it? Nothing excites me more than to see those feed count go up and up forever. I don’t know how many of us are able to do that but once you get them, you don’t want to lose them at any cost. As per my observation, it is easy to get RSS feed subscribers for your blog but it really can be tough to retain those subscribers and bring down the un-subscription rate. But anyways, nothing is impossible and in this case, you just have see that your blog is focused upon providing your subscribers with the best value so that they have a reason to stick around.

One of the most important things to remember for any blogger who wishes to retain RSS feed subscribers is to make sure that you have a great design for your blog which is kept consistent throughout. Consistency in your blog design is one of the prime factors which influences people to subscribe or unsubscribe from your blog feed. Changing your blog template too often can result in people un-subscribing as no one likes to see frequent changes. This could become a bigger issue if your site is several years old or more. Yes, it is your site. You can do anything with it but please beware of the consequences….

Another thing you must avoid doing is to include affiliate links in your blog posts. Surely, it gives you an option to make money online but honestly, your feed subscribers don’t appreciate it much. Instead of being taken otherwise, you should concentrate more on providing good quality content in your posts. Too many affiliate links in your blog posts can lead to a rapid decline in RSS feed subscribers.

Yet another thing to remember here is that avoid getting off-topic with your postings. This is so very important for the niche bloggers. If you have been writing on a niche then please do  stick to it. You may even get away with it if you have a good amount of exposure for your blog or if you have a big name in the blogosphere but you should still avoid writing anything and everything just for fun. People generally appreciate a more focused approach in blogging and so more your focus, better is the trust and thus a much better rate of RSS feed subscriptions. You should do every bit from your side to learn about your target audience. Learn to develop expertise by learning more and more about your niche market. This will equip you better in providing high quality content for your feed subscribers. Your ability to continue offering helpful and useful content will reflect in your RSS subscriber numbers.
So, 3 simple steps to follow and you can have your feed subscribers intact with no such fear of losing them. The most important thing to be known here is that you shouldn’t experiment too much with your blogging except keeping yourself focused on providing useful, informative and original content. Rest will work automatically. Please let me know if you have anything more to add here..