Are you a high tech blogger watching your waistline with a worried eye? You are not alone. In this day and age where virtually every bit of business is being conducted online, many are finding it hard to get off their laptops or tablets to visit a dietician or get in a workout at the gym. Being seated at one place for a long time while resorting to fast food whenever hunger strikes has resulted in many overweight computer users, particularly among those who practically live online, such as professional bloggers.
However, there is no need to despair; there are now ways you can keep your shape in check while going about your work routine. In fact,various products like the Bistro MD and Diet to Go have been tailored to meet the online worker at his or her point of need with delicious, healthy, ready-made meals and fitness programs. In fact, the information online, both in terms of dieting and fitness can be overwhelming, so in this article I have prepared a few simple ideas to help you stay healthy and more productive as a blogger without having to spend the time to study these methods yourself.

1. As a blogger you need to make the decision to eat right

Bloggers tend to follow extremes. They will either get too busy and forget to eat or they will have food on their desk 24-7. Promise yourself that you will get a light, well-balanced meal at regular intervals as you work.

Now before you go into defense mode, take some time to think about the potential benefits of such a switch. Think about how much more energized and alert you would be if your body was getting the right kind of fuel to work with. And you will live to work longer if you gave your body the nutrients it needs to fight off disease and renew itself.

With the Internet at your disposal, you have no excuse not to shop around for discounts on fruits and vegetables. But what if I stumble, you may ask. It’s true the temptation to pick up the phone or place an online order for fries and a burger may be too great to resist at times. Never mind, the important thing is to get started.It is he who dares who wins.

2. How taking a walk helps

Proper ergonomics dictates that you get up from your workstation and take a walk and get some fresh air after an hour of staring at the computer screen. If you’re feeling a bit jaded feel free to take a brief nap. In this way you are relieving yourself of stress as well as preserving your eyes from wear and tear. Rewarding yourself in these small ways will help refresh your body for whatever work lies ahead. And why not take another step and do some sports whenever you have free time. A regular swim or some dance classes will work wonders for your physique and even your outlook.

3. Use technology for blogging and staying healthy

Those days when everything inside you seems to be in rebel mode will surely come. The days when you want to curse the fruits and vegetables regime you had taken up and revert to your old ways. It is on such days that an online program in which you receive daily reminders of nutritional guidelines from your medics or trained dieticians comes in handy. It might not tell you to put down that slice of pizza, but there are messages that will remind you how important it is to switch off and take a break. And they do work. Studies have collected data showing remarkable health gains for those enrolled into such programs. Now that our mobile phones have virtually become a part of our anatomy, we may as well use them to get into shape.

Charles Mburugu is a fitness enthusiast interested in blogger’s health and effective dieting practices. He is involved in promoting discount deals such as the latest Bistromd gift codes and Diettogo promotional codes. He writes blog posts about diet tips and offers you the best weight loss coupon deals.