4 Tweets That Could Drive Visitors to Your Site

You’ve probably long since gotten the memo that you need to participate in social media if you want to remain relevant online. However, you can’t just throw up an account on Twitter, spam the world with information about your website, products or services and expect people to follow you or even pay attention. Tweet the types of short messages that are most effective at driving business, and website visitors will notice.

Industry-Relevant News Tweets

Don’t just tweet about changes to your website or new products and services. People who aren’t familiar with you will have little incentive to visit your website, until they start seeing you as a trusted source for industry-relevant news. The more followers who come to rely on your Twitter feed for information, the more they’ll retweet your posts, driving more traffic to your website. For example, if you run a blog about tech news, share information you read on tech. If you sell clothes, tweet about fashion-related news.

Personal Tweets, With Voice

Consider two tweets on a similar subject and think about which account you’d rather follow:

  • We celebrate the first anniversary of our blog with a retrospective post. Click here.
  • We’ve been blogging for one year! For our first anniversary, everyone on staff dishes on their favorite post of the year.

Add a bit of a personal touch to your tweets, and you’re more likely to attract visitors. People aren’t interested in what seem like “robotic” tweets — they might even suspect that a computer program generated the tweet instead of a real person. Make tweets sound real whenever possible, without getting too personal. Don’t dish on too many details about your personal life, and don’t ever complain on the account tied to your website. Aim to be cheerful and friendly, like you would be with work colleagues.

Humorous Tweets

Humor goes a long way to win followers. Be clever and inject humor into your tweets as much as possible, but avoid offensive humor. Politics, religion and other controversial topics are off-limits, unless you want to get fewer followers. Even if you delete an offensive tweet right away, someone might have taken a screenshot, so carefully review each tweet before you post it. To be safe, have someone else look at it and give an opinion, but if you even suspect something might be offensive, it’s safer just not to bother. Hire a copywriter to provide some of the humor of your Twitter account if you have difficulty coming up with funny tweets.

Regular, Reliable Tweets

When you tweet is just as important as what you tweet. Many people on Twitter follow so many accounts, they simply don’t have the time to read every tweet on their list. Instead, they’ll check the top few tweets. To catch people who check in the morning, the afternoon and night and to make sure you get both the people who tweet most during the week and those who tweet on the weekend, you should stagger your tweets and repeat key information. However, be careful not to tweet the same exact tweet, as that can appear like spam and turn Twitter users off.

You don’t have to log onto twitter throughout the day to have your tweets appear at different times. Write the day’s tweets ahead of time and use a program that will tweet your text at different intervals throughout the day to accomplish staggered tweets.

Business Insider reported that there are 232 million active Twitter users monthly. That number proves positive to the person looking to drive traffic to a website — there’s a lot of potential to connect with visitors — and daunting because you need to stand out among the millions of other users if you want to get noticed. When it comes to Twitter, spamming followers and opting for quantity over quality is the wrong way to go. Use the unique, short-text format to establish yourself as a popular Twitter presence both through effective use of hashtags and through quality, entertaining tweets.

Frank Cruz is a business blogger with tens of thousands of page views each week.

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