5 Biggest Computer Cleaner Myths Debunked

There are a lot of software available online that claim to “clean” your computer and speed up its performance. While some of them are genuine computer cleaning tools bearing a Microsoft authentication certificate, there is a gamut of plain useless applications that claim to tweak your computer. They are often provided free of cost and try to attract people by using catchy phrases like “ best free cleaner”,  ultimate boost up tool” etc.

People fall into their trap, download them and end up ruining their system. People also stumble upon various tips and hacks online to boost up the computer’s performance. Most of them are counterproductive. There are a lot of myths concerning computer cleaning. People don’t actually understand how their computers and computer cleaning software work and they act upon on the knowledge gathered via web-browsing.  We have come across a lot of futile computer cleaning software over the internet and we think it is time to clear the air.

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Myth 1

Erasing Registry files on a regular basis speeds your computer up.

Debunked: Registry cleaners clean those files that clog your system. They delete files that are no longer needed and are taking up unnecessary space. By using a good registry cleaner you can keep a check on old useless files. But cleaning registry on a regular basis is bound to delete important registry files. Instead of speeding up your computer, you will end up corrupting your operating system if you are habitual of using registry cleaner every day. It is advised to clean the registry when you are trying to trouble shoot an error caused after uninstalling software. They leave entries behind which need to be cleaned up. Needless to say using a good registry cleaner having good user reviews is always preferred.

Myth 2

Defragmenting the computer is a waste of time.

Debunked:In earlier versions of windows like windows 98, you’d have to manually defrag the disk. As the windows upgraded itself and modern versions started to come out, windows started to provide an inbuilt application to help users with defragmenting the system. Versions like windows 7, Vista, 8 etc. automatically and optimally defrag the disk without user intervention. If you are still concerned about the slow speed of your computer, you can install a good computer cleaner that will defrag your drives for you.

Myth 3

Virus cleaners deliberately show error messages.

Debunked: Some people say it a known gimmick that when you install a virus cleaner, upon scanning the system it shows faux error alerts and then directs you to its website buy the full version to clear those errors. People should be careful while installing virus cleaner. Not all the vendors who provide cleaners are frauds. Look for the Microsoft certificate on the product and do a little research about the product before installing it. A genuine, certified product will never let your guard down against the online intrusions.

Myth 4

It is better to format the system and reinstall the windows than using a computer cleaner.

Debunked: Uninstalling the windows is not the permanent solution to your problems. Plus it is a tedious process. You will have to sit through the whole process supervising everything. And once it has been reinstalled you will have to load the backed up data to get it running in a pristine condition. This is a time consuming process and cannot be used every time you face a speed related problem. Using a trusted and Microsoft certified cleaned will not only save from the hassle of uninstalling/installing windows, it will also help you keep a check on system’s working.

Myth 5

Computer cleaner give an illusion of speeding your computer but they are only clearing redundant files. 

Debunked: Dormant files are the reason you don’t get the best out of storage space. Windows saves your computer history and webpage’s, registry vaults everything you have ever done with your system. Stuff once stored, always remains on the system in form of fragments even if deleted. Computer cleaner’s work in such a way that they target these useless files, cleans them and avails the storage space used by them to the programs that need it more.

So it is a stupid thing to say that computer cleaning software creates an illusion of speeding up processes. They do speed up computer performance by giving more space to essential program files to run. It has been seen that after one scan of computer cleaners on old computers, their performance and speed was boosted up by more than 40%.

Windows works in complicated ways. If you are facing speed issues and want to try a computer cleaner, do not believe in tips or software that claim to clean your system in a matter of minutes, rather take a close look at their working and try to relate it to the type of operating system you are using. Always use trusted and authenticated software to save yourself from unnecessary trouble.

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