Why should you think about becoming a guest blogger

5 Major Reasons to Become a Guest Blogger

Guest blogging is an awesome technique to increase awareness of your website and to also increase the potential of an online business. By guest blogging, you can build links to your blog, which in turn improves your organic search rankings.

But, there are many people in the industry who aren’t aware of guest blogging benefits. They tend to view guest blogging as just another link building technique. Because of this, they don’t pay much attention towards creating quality content for posting on blogs that accept guest posting.

So, let’s delve deeper into the major reasons for guest blogging.

1. Targeted and quality traffic

No one can deny the fact that guest blogging can help you generate traffic. This is not just any traffic, but rather is quality traffic. However, an interesting thing about guest blogging is that visitors of other websites become aware of your blog as you are given a backlink for writing on another’s blog. Also, if your posts get published on popular blogs, then you are most likely to generate huge traffic. But for this to happen, you must post quality content. Targeted traffic means if you own an entertainment blog, you are most likely to submit guest post on an entertainment blog. This mutual sharing of content helps to generate traffic from different blog which brings you targeted traffic.

2. Brand exposure

Fresh and unique content has become more important as people are getting the latest news and other information online instead of the nightly television news programs or newspapers. This mean s that fresh content gets published every day, and the more websites a person or a company is mentioned on, the better is the exposure.

In the advertising world, marketers are very well aware of the fact that a potential customer must be exposed to an ad multiple times before they are able to recognize the product or brand.

The same applies for the online popularity of a company and its products. Thus authors who guest blog on different websites get more exposure as well as more opportunities to build relationship with other blog’s readers.

3. You’re forced to do more research

To check what your competitors have to offer. To see what really inspires their audience. It encourages you to do lot of research.

4. Improve your writing skills

We know that experience makes a man perfect. The more you write, the better you learn. So, to improve your writing skills, create posts that are SEO-friendly as well as provide useful information for your readers. Most bloggers will accept your guest posts only if they find them interesting or helpful for their readers. Hence, by guest blogging you’ll definitely improve your writing skills.

5. Get those backlinks

This is another reason why guest blogging and content marketing are the hot trend online right now. Whenever you submit a guest post on another blog, you are allowed to add a bio and/or your social media profile URLs that will be published at the end of the post. You need to be smarter with this thing. You should add your site keywords so that you get noticed by search engines and get better rankings. These backlinks can also help you to improve your page rank.

Lina Ryann Jones is a designer, speaker, educator, blogger and writer. She loves to write on technology, social media, marketing etc. These days she is busy contributing to getamplify

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