Top 5 mobile apps to increase your productivity

5 Mobile Apps to Make You Productive

There are millions of applications available on the App Store and Google Play to facilitate user for several respective tasks. All these applications not only ease the workload of users but some of them can make them highly productive.

There are a number of reminder-applications and a lot of puzzle-based games that help your brain exercise for more creative power. Management and storage applications help users to work efficiently.  Payment and shopping facilities through applications boost up the proliferation. Many other millions of tasks can be conducted through apps nowadays.

So in this article I have mentioned some very useful and popular applications for smartphone and tablet users to make them more productive and efficient at work.

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It is amazing when your phone allows you to use credit cards anywhere you want. For every transaction through a machine, you have to pay machine rental fees, credit card company fees, transaction fees, and some other hidden charges. Obviously, you want to save money using Square app with a credit card reader your extra charges cut down to 2.75% only.

Secondly, it saves time, while payment you don’t have to face excuses like the machine is out of order. Anywhere you are allowed to utilize the facility.

Dragon Dictation

This is an amazing application it allows users to stop typing and start speaking. It recognizes and writes out your spoken words at high speed. It also gives you the exposure to dictate for any circumstances.

While driving, eating and cooking it’s easy to continue preparing text as you don’t have to use your hands to type. It allows the user to copy transcripts to the clipboard, post desired updates to Facebook or Twitter and can send a quick SMS or edit whenever required.


Managing your expenses is a big issue. The situation becomes worst when you have to pay installments at the end of the month. For all people crazy for shopping or is the spendthrift, Expensify can help you manage your budget well. The app interface is very easy to follow for tracking time, miles, receipts, and invoices on the go. It can also generate on-demand reports of your expenses when required.

Google Translate

Those who are studying, living or working abroad especially, in the lands where their native language is considered as alien know the course of miscommunication. Google Translate is kind of a companion for many users because it helps them to understand what other people saying or allow them to convey their message rightly in many languages. This application actually converts the text from one language to another very easily particularly in ways that actually make sense. The best part is that it works in offline mode too. You only have to download the app.

OfficeSuite 8

OfficeSuite 8 is better for Android from previous versions for the good reason. Firstly it is cost effective. Secondly, its design for smartphones and tablets is extremely sophisticated which is highly loved by users.

It is fully loaded with advanced functionalities that allow users to have the desktop like the environment of phones and tablets for documents, presentations, and spreadsheets. It assimilates with several cloud storage services and also offers native PDF-markup commands. So reading and creating Microsoft Office files without the desktop is not the big issue at all.

Though Microsoft Company has also launched its own Office apps for Android users but OfficeSuite 8 remains the amazing and user-friendly choice for users.

Anna Marsh is a successful blog writer of My assignment help Deal UK. She has a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Designing from a renowned university. She is very fond of using mobile applications to ease her work load and she keeps an eye on up-coming apps by Google Play and App Store. You can follow her on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

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