5 Useful Apps Essential for Senior Citizens

Technology benefits not only young but older adults too as there are some countless and surprising ways that various apps can be of help to them.

Older adults are very experienced in various fields based on their previous careers and life in general.  As such, there is a great need to enlist technology to ensure that they can share their wealth of knowledge to the young. In addition, some of the apps available are great in dealing with health issues that come with aging. These apps make life more fun and convenient for the seniors. There are those apps that are purchased, and others that are free. The older may not be as enamored by their phones as the young. However, Pew Research Internet Project has found that older adults are adopting to phones with more enthusiasm today. This article will discuss 5 useful apps that are essential to senior citizens.

senior citizens app


This app contains both all and new forms of entertainment and educational material in that include the following.

  • Music
  • Documentaries
  • television shows
  • Tutorials

There are various tutorials as well as how to do videos based on technology, exercising and much more. There are those channels that are meant specifically for mature adults. Furthermore, countless playlists on YouTube contain music for all genres. Therefore, a senior citizen is guaranteed to have and entertaining day using this free app.


There was a study done in the UK involving senior citizens between the ages of 60-95. They were provided with tablet apps as well as broadband. One of the apps was Skype. Upon learning to use the app, it was found that the seniors showed much enthusiasm.  There was one outdoors man who could not make it to camp owing to some health issues; however, he was able to interact with the group at their camp fire. One project leader mentioned that the social connection made possible by Skype was essential to one’s physical and cognitive health and those who stay lonely are vulnerable to disease. Skype offers the following services.

  • Audio-visual communication
  • Real time form of communication
  • Ability to talk to a person from a different country or continent


This is a useful app for those senior citizens who love to read. Kindle allows storage of an entire library of favorite books in a senior citizen’s tablet. For those senior citizens using different devices, the Kindle app helps sync notes, bookmarks, and highlights while using different devices. Senior citizens can sample various books before buying as well as read classics free. Furthermore, there are those eBooks that are found in many local libraries; a senior citizen can download them free. Kindle provides a font size that is adjustable; therefore, a senior citizen does not need to strain their eyes when reading. One can also subscribe to newspapers and magazines.


This navigation app provides information about traffic. In addition, the app stores all the areas that you park once you arrive at your chosen destination. It is an essential app when a senior citizen visits shopping malls or parking garages and other events. When a senior citizen uses the app, the app can help them find parking and provides information about how long they are allowed to park at that destination.

Art Set

This app allows the user to draw as well as paint on a photo realistic interface. A senior citizen can use the tools provided in the app. They include

  • Virtual Pencils
  • Pens
  • Pastels
  • Paints

The app is pressure sensitive. Therefore, in case the user is creating an oil painting, they can get realistic looking texture effects. It also has zoom functions that allow adding fine details and a blending tool that aids the user smudge colors on the virtual canvas. For those senior citizens with a knack for art, this is the tool for them.

Many more apps are available for senior citizens. The above-listed apps are a great way for older adults to wind away the hours.

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