5 Ways Digital Advertising Can Take Your Business To The Top

Gone are those days when you had to stand in the corner of a bustling street near important buildings and shout out the name of your company to promote it. Call it an evolving social science or cognitive manipulation but the methods of advertising have changed with every decade in the last century.

The advent of the internet, and to be more specific- Google, changed the way people advertise their business. The digital marketing space erupted with tools, techniques, and guidelines on how to improve your advertising methods. Companies who hopped on made billions (Looking at you, Jack Ma). It is now over two decades that the internet has affected how businesses transact their operations. Information Technology (IT) is the new buzzword, and anything under its ambit gets a makeover (which is basically everything these days). And as we proceed towards this direction with every passing year, digital marketing keeps on evolving.

Here are 5 ways how you can advertise your business:

Social Media Influence

Since the days of Orkut and MySpace, social media has acted like a bridge. Decreasing the gap between the ever-increasing consumers and producers, brand information got much easier to access. Then came Facebook and dominated the social media advertisement space (and still continues to do so). These days, if your business has no Facebook page, nobody takes you seriously. Now, adults aged 18-34 are most likely to follow a brand via social networking than offline advertisement.

Most companies have started to penetrate this space in search of the leprechaun’s gold. Developing countries are much more vulnerable to social media’s influence because it considers top brands as a symbol of status and wealth. Consider this Indian Internet Market Statistics (A market research done by GrabOn): The number of smartphones owned by Indians currently stands at 400 million+. Imagine the potential it carries, if a company can completely penetrate the Indian market. Your brand and its details will be over 400 million smartphones. The reach is massive and almost scary.


What started out as an informal, digital diary for writers and readers, quickly became an exploration cave for HTML and computer programming. Search engines and analytics did their part as well. SEOs, trigger words, and a whole lot of other complicated mumbo-jumbos came in and turned this writer’s diary to a marketing haven. There are now blogs on what blogs to follow for your online marketing. And trust me, if you are not part of this recent digital marketing tactic, you are losing millions of potential customers. Content writing is already one of the most sought-after profiles for digital marketing/blogging. Consider this the new form of guerrilla marketing.

Newspaper Ads

Still a crowd favorite, right? If you know what your target audience is and what you are promoting, Newspaper Ads can still pack a punch. Print media hasn’t died as it was predicted and will still be around for some decades. In fact, Forbes went on to defend why Newspaper Ads might still be a good option for most businesses. Reach amongst the older generation and price are some of the factors worth considering before you go ahead spending your cash on print media. Oh, don’t forget that Newspaper Ads can be digital as well. E-papers, in case you are scratching your head.

Event Sponsorship

This is especially important if your business is in its nascent stages. If you have the cash to spare, always use it for brand outreach and recognition. Event sponsorship can be a brilliant local marketing tactic. Not only does it push your company in the limelight but it also helps you make better contacts. Brand visibility, targeted audience and brand perception- reasons why you should go for event sponsorship.

Television Ads

Popular since the 1960s, television ads have always been a favorite for digital marketers. The pros still outweigh the con. Brand visibility, public perception, brand recognition- you name it, they have it. Sure, the TV viewership has gone down. But the ads? Nada. Not happening (yet). Although some might argue that YouTube and other social mediums have taken over, you can run the same visuals everywhere.

At this point, you are probably wondering that you knew all of this and this didn’t give you enough insight. Or did it? Perhaps you didn’t even realize that you just read an article, full of keywords and digital images. It kept you engaged. That’s exactly what advertisements are about- engagement. Digital or otherwise, if you can influence the consumer, you can sell your product. You can choose your medium (read: battlefield), with the passage of time. And sure enough your preparation will change. However, your weapon will always stay the same.

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