5 Ways Facebook Can Help You Increase Online Sales

Many eCommerce sites have greatly benefited from integrating social media sites such as Facebook into their marketing platform. However, some sellers are not maximizing the potential of the popular social hub. Although posting a few messages can help you generate traffic, there are many other ways that you can enhance the marketing aspect of using Facebook.

Business Page

Business pages are free to set up on Facebook and can help generate local marketing as well as an online presence. You can also have specific nameplates for your business such as “http://www.facebook.com/YourBusinessName.” Using your personal account for your eCommerce business looks unprofessional and includes customers into your private life.

Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

Using pay-per-click campaigns is one of the most heavily used methods for marketing on the Internet. Facebook allows you to easily take it a step further and show your ads directly to your target audience. Age, gender and specific location can all be set allowing you to show ads to ideal individuals who are more likely to purchase your goods.

Facebook-only Coupons

Placing a coupon code specifically for Facebook followers can help generate sales for your online store while improving your fan base and “likes.” It can also give you a method to track who is shopping from the social media giant. You could compare other social sites in the same fashion by assigning specific coupon codes for each site such as Twitter and Google+. A one-month campaign could illuminate where future marketing should be centered for social media.

Cross Promotions

Facebook makes it easy to incorporate comments into websites and blogs. You can also include Facebook buttons on your eCommerce site for promotional needs. By developing a cross-promotion of websites, you can enhance the site’s reputation while making the online store seem more personable rather than robotic.

Share Images

Statistically speaking, images and video on Facebook are more likely to be interacted with than simple text. Not only do images and videos have a greater chance of being shared with friends and family, they can also offer a great deal of information about a product or service. Remember, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

Companies such as SecureNetShop can help eCommerce owners get the most out of their sites. Blogs, chat and social media feeds are only a few of the services that can greatly influence your target audience. Integrate your web shopping cart with a social media presence as it could offer a higher return on your investment while improving your online reputation.

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