5 Ways Facebook Has Changed The World

It’s been only twelve years since the Facebook had made its mark in the world. Within these twelve years, it has equipped people with a plenty of new experiences. It has provided fodder for the mind while taking care of the entertainment quotient. It has made the process of communication so easy that now everyone wants to communicate. It has redefined the way of life and changed the world. See how:

Facebook Has Revamped Our Way of Communication

There was a time when we had to take out time from our busy schedules to physically go and meet people. We used to whine over the fact that we have to face so many physical troubles to go and meet people. But with the advent of Facebook, life has become easy. It has made the world smaller by allowing people from different countries to communicate with each other. It has solidified its position as one of the most significant social media website that enables people to stay connected for a long period of time unless one of them gets embroiled into a nasty kind of argument with the other over a petty issue like, ‘you forgot to like my current Facebook profile picture’, so I will not talk to you.’

In such a case, even Facebook fails to connect these people for a longer period of time. Otherwise, Facebook knows how to connect people and shape communications. Now, you must be swooning over the fact that Facebook lets you share your thoughts and views with your loved ones without even charging you any dime. But, Facebook is not that naive. It generates revenues by your likes, shares, comments, and ads. So, stop showing countless a social oomph now for Facebook.

Another most-ignored part about Facebook is that it takes payment from those who want to share their personal details with the company and agree to ads. There are no free lunches anywhere, let alone Facebook.

Brian Blau, who is a research director for consumer technology at Gartner said that we have not had experienced this kind of socialization before where people from any part of the world communicate so easily. He further said that though Myspace had managed to maintain a good reputation but not as good as Facebook have. Facebook has achieved what was never achieved by any virtual company. It got more than a billion people to use it on a regular basis at the same time.

Facebook has changed our life-sharing methods

Though Facebook is not the only social networking website that allows us to share our lives with others, but still it has the guts to keep the ball moving. It lets you plaster your favorite books, videos, thoughts, movies, and photos on your Facebook profile. We all have been through such situations where we have committed a folly of oversharing our favorite content on Facebook.

Do you remember the time when we first started sharing information with each other online? Since then, things have become much easier now. Now, you have a high-quality camera and a miniature computer that enables you to share even more. Facebook has taken an advantage of this by adding more interesting features to its website. It basically lets a person lay bare in the name of writing statuses and sharing favorite stuff. According to statistics, in 2013, Facebook users shared more 40,000 posts per second which is far more than 2.4 million posts created every minute according to online-advertising company Qmee.  A former employee of Facebook and Greylock partner Josh Elman said that the practice of sharing your content on Facebook is more than a fad. He said that Facebook has made sharing a human instinct.

Facebook Changed the Way We Consume Content

Facebook has redefined the way people consume the content on social media. Facebook users do not whine about their personal lives. They also post the kind of content or news that is important to them. It can either be a sports score, political news or a funny video. It all begins with News Feed which keeps you updated about the current happenings of companies and people who you are connected with. It provides near-ending stream of content from a plenty of companies and people. News Feed debuted in 2006, before its debut, people were not aware of this kind of continuous stream of knowledge.

Facebook Changed the Way People Are Bullied

With all these positive aspects of Facebook, Facebook has enhanced the bullying rate in the world. Bullies are now using the social network to harass others while nothing is being done to prevent it from happening. According to a recent study, more than 40% of people between 14 and 24 have been ‘electronically harassed’ on Facebook.

In April, 17-year-old man Rehtaeh Parsons died after sustaining injuries from a failed suicide attempt. She attempted suicide after the moment her images of the sexual assault circulated the entire Internet. Facebook has taken an initiative recently to prevent bullying by participating in National Bullying Prevention Month. Let’s see what the result comes.

Facebook Modified the Way We View Privacy

We have given a lot of data to Facebook by giving its information about our friends, educational institutions, workplaces, favorite sports, movies and music brands. And we do not even regret giving Facebook access to all these things as we deem it acceptable. Privacy issues arise on Facebook when it remains unclear that what kind of information has Facebook collected about all its users since it is confirmed that Facebook knows about us more than it pretends that it does. Facebook continuously keeps changing privacy setting due to which users are unable to keep up. It is a very old issue between Facebook and its users that which information is private and which information can be easily used by the Facebook. Brian Blau, research director for consumer technology at Gartner said that the tactics Facebook uses to get its hand on our data and the implications that result out of it on privacy has a very enormous impact on the virtual space of everyone.

This article is written by Ashley Albert who is software expert in technology department, and also works as content writer. She is also involved in essay writing service with an angency in London. You can also follow her at Facebook and Twitter.

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