6 Most Awesome “Must Know”Apps For iPhone Freaks

It’s a fact that apple’s app store led all the rest in past years and it was the winner of the “The 5th Annual Best App Ever Awards 2012” for its serene, unique and amazing app production. Either, its gaming apps award or educational apps award or overall apps award apple always aced the others.

With verdure of rapidly growing app store of nearly 1 million apps, it can be difficult to scope out new and immensely amazing addition of apps for your iPhone. Sure, Apple’s App Store definitely contains app on each genre, but existing and being worthwhile are of course, not the same things. After a tiring hunt, I successfully found the diamonds out of the coals. Here are 6 iPhone’s really awesome apps.


Talking about a decent tool for musicians around the world; sound cloud is the app that clicks on one’s mind. It was started to help musicians share tracks with one another and since then, it has grown to become the world’s largest audio-social platform. One can now discover, listen to, and follow new artists and producers, or upload own tracks and share them with the world via Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Tumblr integration flawlessly.


Keeping in view the filter loving, photo sharing lovers market, VSCO Cam is more awesome app than Instagram. With a blend of presets filters etcetera, control over white balance and exposure and with the ability to import and export snaps at full resolution, this app is amazing. While the app is free, to access all the filters and presets one will have to give up some amount of money to achieve all of them.


Its an app with it elegantly subdued glows, imparting colors and gestures based interface, Rise is as gentle as you intent to have on waking you up from a sound sleep. If you’re not really fond of waking up by a harsh beep, Rise allows you to set some of your tunes as well.


If you wish to troll the online marketplace with a difference using Etsy’s intuitive shopping app, would definitely be your all time solution. You can search among 17 million weird and wonderful items that you’ll barely find somewhere else.


It’s a surprise for the people, who have been siri lovers, it’s here apparently better than ever before. For the park wanderers Vlingo would be an ultimate fun app. Tamed by your voice you can govern your phone to set reminders, find out the weather in a country, and even send texts. Definitely amazing!


Splyce is a subtle music player, with a sweet and smooth all colorful and bright look loaded with some interesting features too. Selecting similar songs, through BPM and other visual clues, the app is able to create playlists and even merge the tracks together for you just like a real DJ. The app can even control the intensity of the glow and match it to your tunes.

The article is written and shared by Gloria Philips on behalf of flvto.com.

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