2011 would have been impossible to imagine way back all those years ago when I began online marketing with the oft used web-page sales letters.  Back then I often cringed at the thought that one day the sales letters would be obsolete and everyone would need video sales letters.  I was concerned that the little guys (like me) would not be able to afford video or compete with the big guys video budgets.
Well I’m certainly happy to report that due to the proliferation of technology in all fields, there has been an explosion of online videos.  Seems like everyone is getting in on the act with YouTube videos.  And the best news of all is it is now so easy to make a video at home and is way less expensive than you might think.  The video sales letter is definitely the way to go and to make it even simpler for you, I have listed 7 topics you should consider before you try to make your first one.  That is because even though cameras are inexpensive and PowerPoint and Keynote make it easy to create great screen-casts while tools like Screenflow and Camtasia make it easy to put your videos online, not all videos pack the same punch, not all of them give the conversion rate you seek.  From my years of constant research, I offer the following recommendations to give your video the very best conversion rate.

Great Videos Start With A Great Script

A video needs a great script with an introduction which grabs your viewer and holds their interest right to the end.  If you can’t write it, hire someone to do it, but begin with a top notch script.

Hooks That Hold the Viewer’s Interest

Whether it’s great visual effects, music, or promises you make (and keep), anything which will hold your viewer’s attention is worth money in your pocket.

Drop the Noise

You want your video to be the very best quality; make sure you remove background noise from audio, and enhance your photos. You want clear sound and sharp contrasts.  This only takes a bit of time to do and doesn’t cost anything but can have a tremendous effect on the quality and will help set your video apart with a professional feel to it.

Make Sure Your Text is Easy to Read

For text you want high contrast so it stands out against your video background.  Big, Black and Bold is usually best unless it won’t contrast appropriately with your background.

Bigger Is Not Always Better

Keep your video between 500×300 and 800×600. Less than that is not long enough and more than that makes it too long. So keep the file size reasonable; when compressing it, use H.264 compression codec with compression settings on “best” to get the best fit.

Use Your Video to Promote Others Video Products

Having a good video presell which then sends people to a non-video offer will kill your conversions straight-a-way. So when using Video, promote sites which also offer videos on their sales pages too.

Test, Test, Test:  Any form of marketing or promotion must constantly be tested for its continued effectiveness.  You can’t get complacent and think just because something worked well in the past it will always continue to work well.  Always be working on a better script and video – there is always room for improvement and remember the higher your conversion rate, the greater your profits.

Martha is a part time blogger who likes to update people about the latest coupons and discounts. She regularly contributes at her coupons blog where she shares Omnis promotion code and Hostpapa promotion code