8 reasons why businesses today need a mobile app in 2019

8 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Mobile App in 2019

The technological advancement is on constant growth and is evolving each hour of the day. The tremendous growth in the mobile market has deployed the need of having a mobile app for every small and large-scale business.

The business owners have started realizing the power of mobile app in the ocean of marketing.

You need to put your business in your customers pocket to leverage your business in this competitive market trend. Apps have become an important aspect of each and every business irrespective of the area or industries.

business need mobile app in 2019

Large and midsize business have started following the mobile app trend and have realized that they need to have an effective mobile strategy for their business and to reach out maximum potential customer they need to collaborate with mobile application development companies and get their mobile app developed apart from the mobile-friendly website.

It’s a matter of fact which you must have noticed these days that small business you interact with in day to day life such as coffee shops, beauty spa centers has their own mobile app.

These companies have realized the potential of mobile app and are much ahead of their other competitors when it comes to marketing their business to the next level.

If you are still not sure of whether to have an app for your business or not, go ahead and read this article which will highlight some important reasons why to have an app for your business?

Why do you need a Mobile App for your Business?

24/7 Availability

In this competitive market, you need to be visible all time through the untiring medium internet. Once you have an app for your business you will always have an online appearance which will help you in engaging your potential customers any time of day.

Your business will be active throughout the clock for new as well as existing potential users.

An average user spends at least 100 minutes a day on his mobile devices. It’s an undeniable fact that every user must unlock, scroll and scan their device on a regular basis. It will serve as an added advantage for your business.

Apart from this, you can use push notifications service to notify your users about the latest services and significant offers by this you can regularly inject in your users mind the benefits of having your services.

Whenever the users need that service in future the first thing which will come in their mind will be to approach your brand through your mobile app.

Helps in building your Brand Image

Mobile app serves as a major contributor to increasing brand awareness which is a major aspect of any business growth.

Have a mobile app representing your business for engaging customers with the features they love will always keep you a step ahead of your competitors.

The more your app is being used the stronger is the brand recognition of your business.

If your customers have an app of your business installed in his device, it may be possible he is currently not using the app, but he will come across it as he browses his device for other purposes.

Being in the mind of users will be an added advantage the next time when he is thinking of using services related to your business.

An app with amazing features will build a brand image in the mind of users and will happily recommend our services to their contacts, increasing your reachability.

Stay Connected with Customers

People are more addicted towards using mobile apps then a website and they are looking for all solutions in a single platform.

Whatever comes in their mind, they start using their mobile device to find a solution for it, let it be planning a vacation, ordering food, flight booking, and many other things. There’s an app available for each and everything, offering a lot more deals.

Once the user has installed your app, you have all time connecting with them and update them regularly about the various new offers and services using push notifications.

This connectivity will benefit you in the long run as whenever the user needs the service similar to yours, he will browse the app and purchase from your mobile app instead of visiting the websites.

The user experience and interface help’s in engaging users and makes them revisit the app for purchasing instead of surfing sites to the site.

The mobile app empowers you to easily update the potential customers about the latest news and announcement, offers related to your product.

The interested users will browse the offers and will reach you out in case of their requirements. They are free to browse and shop anytime throughout the clock continuing their daily activity apart from the hassle of visiting the sites and filling data for their purchase.

All you need to focus is to provide awesome user experience to your potential user so that they prefer you instead of your competitors.

Direct Opportunity for marketing

Mobile app serves as a platform providing beneficial marketing opportunities. You can collect user feedback directly through your app.

The customer feedback surveys conducted serves as a great asset and helps you in improving your platform as per the feedback and recommendations.

The app also allows you to send push notifications and interact directly with your potential users. If push notification is not enabled, then you can use in-app messages for the same purpose.

Personalize notifications and messaging which is based on the user’s preferences. This can be a sort of promotional reminders and offers.

Mobile App Helps in Boosting User Interest

If you have launched a mobile application for your business, you have opened a much easier gate of portraying your services and products to your potential and existing customers. The mobile application serves as a single bucket to all the information a customer need.

Moreover, once the app is installed from users, they have access to explore the latest updates and offers and never ever miss great deals of their interest.

This would certainly arouse interest in user as they will not be happy to miss any tremendous deals of their interest and they will visit their app frequently.

You can use the various marketing strategies like referral bonus, point and coupons on the purchase of any product. These types of strategies arouse interest in users and they visit the apps regularly to find the offers and deals of their benefits.

Mobile app helps you to sell faster

The mobile app is another way by which you can increase your profit. The mobile app helps you to reach a larger audience throughout the globe, thereby enhancing reachability to potential customers.

An integrated payment on your mobile app will be the best suite for your customers and they can easily shop the exclusives from their mobile device. This removes the thick wall that might limit the users from purchasing the product.

Push reminders can be sent if the user added things to his cart and have left their cart without completing the payment.

Building & cultivating customer loyalty

Mobile app platform serves as a direct medium through which you can instantly interact with your customer through notifications or in-built messaging portals.

This closeness between the customer and your business helps a lot in evolving brand loyalty in your customer’s mind for your product.

The app can have an automated Artificial Intelligence-based chatbots for resolving customer’s grievances and transferring complex queries to the concerned department. Providing all-time customer support through mobile app will definitely lead to the rise in the number of loyal customers

Engage your users with rewards for purchasing, referring and points from shopping. This will help in creating brand awareness and loyal potential customers.

Real-Time Analysis

The market is very uncertain, and customer’s behavior changes rapidly, you need to have a real-time insight into the customer behaviour to leverage your business.

With the high-end technical innovation, it is quite easy to have a track on user engagement and study their behavior.

This will let you know which products the users are more interested, and which one has less or negligible interactivity. Moreover, this will help in providing immense user experience catered to the customers need.

Concluding Thought

In this current digital trend, the mobile app is a real opportunity for business owners to take a step ahead of their competitors in their area.

The above-mentioned reasons must have drawn a clear picture in your mind about the benefits of having a mobile app for your business. Mobile app helps you to reach out to a wider range of audience on a global.

Once you have made up your mind of having a mobile app for your business, you need to reach out to the team of lead mobile app developers from a renowned mobile app development company.

Recruiting new staff will not be a feasible option for you, so get connected to various app development companies in India, who have prior knowledge and experience in delivering mobile app solutions for business and have a great track record.

This post has been penned down by Adnan Tanveer. He is the Sr. Content Developer at Appventurez, leading mobile app development company that offers cost-effective Android and iOS application design and development services in USA and India.

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