9 Smartwatches That Will Make You Look Cool (Best Smartwatches 2019)

What do you think are the most trending things these days? Are you aware of the 2 things that are ruling the market right now?

Those people who like to follow the latest trends must know that nowadays the world is all about fashion and gadgets. Every day there is something new introduced in the market be in tech or wearable.

Since now you know about the trends you might be planning on getting one of these for yourself. Well, how about you just have to buy a single item that checks both fashion and tech? And that item is a Smartwatch. You surely would have heard of it but might not know enough.

There are countless choices in a different type of Smartwatches, there are pixel Smartwatch, Smartwatch with maps, and many more you have no idea about.  Plus it isn’t just about the features it is also a significant part of a person’s outfit.

best smartwatches for 2019

Therefore, to help you choose your Smartwatch here are some of the best Smartwatches of the year that will totally make you look cool:

Apple Watch Series 4

For those people who have an iPhone, Apple has recently launched one of the best Smartwatch for iPhone, the Apple Watch series 4. These watches come with a handful of features like a loudspeaker, wifi, and comparatively longer battery life than any other.

You can buy the series 4 Smartwatch either in 40mm or 44mm. It contains an ECG monitor that keeps a track of the owner’s heart diseases along with any other issue that may cause and saves it in an app. The S4 with a 64-bit dual core processor is the perfect choice for those who are looking for a luxury watch.

Sports Smartwatch by Fossil

If you have pretty good knowledge about the brands you might know that when it comes to watches fossil is among the top picks and so is the same for Smartwatch. You can check out Fossil’s sports Smartwatch if you are a big fan of a sporty look. Few of its basic functions are fitness and heart rate tracker, messages, dialing, and it is swim proof.

An individual can buy this online by searching for Amazon fossil smart watcheswhere they can find the sports watch along with many other Smartwatches from this brand to try out. Besides they can also enjoy decent saying on their purchase by availing the Amazon shopping offers.

Samsung Galaxy Watch for Android

The Galaxy watch by Samsung is a designer Smartwatch that is an ideal choice when it comes to fashionable Smartwatches. While going through the store you will find a varied size of these watches in different colors that one can choose. The battery life of these watches, however, differs from one design to another.

This Samsung Android watchruns on Tizen Based wearable Operating system 4.0 and has 1.5GB RAM with 4GB internal memory. For charging this watch the brand provides WPC based wireless charging. It gives away some extra features to those who have Samsung Smartphone over the ones who connect it with any other Android phone.

Fitbit Versa Smartwatch

All the ladies going through the Smartwatches choices don’t think that there are good options for men only. You guys can get your own range of stylish Smartwatches for women. One such option is the fitbit versa which is a brand-new range of Smartwatches that are designed solely for women.

The versa watch is compatible with both iOS and Android users. This watch apart from the common messages, emails and other activities that are there on most of these watches keeps a track of a woman’s menstrual circle as well. You can select from the Versa family of these waterproof Smartwatches according to your convenience.

Lightweight Smartwatches by Fedulk

Among the latest launches in Smartwatches is a Smartwatch made in Japan by Fedulk. It might not be very popular but have a few decent features that most of the people look for in a Smartwatch. First of all these watches are light weighted and can be operated in multiple languages.

It is a unisex watch that is Bluetooth compatible and consists of a pretty big cloud in which you can save more and more of your data. For any health issue that one might be going through this watch not just record it but also shows the possible risk and evaluates the outcome.

Noise ColorFit Pro

Noise is one such brand that has been well-known for offering a wide collection of wearable gadgets to the customers for a while now and in its given options for Smartwatches lies the ColorFit Pro. Above all the other factor the fact that it is one of the best cheap Smartwatch for iPhonemakes it a popular choice in this year’s fashionable Smartwatches.

Although these watches are already being sold at affordable prices in order to grab more offers on this watch or any other you can scroll through the varying discounts that are given on Groupon UAE and choose from it.

Scallop by Kate Spade

Women who are planning on purchasing a Smartwatch must go through the Scallop Smartwatches 2 by Kate Spade. These are designer touchscreen watches. You can use this watch to make payments, keep a note of a number of steps you walked, control your music, etc.

The looks and color choices available in a scallop makes it an elegant Smartwatch for ladies. It has a 44mm display and connects to iOS. This silicone made watch comes with a wireless charger and can be paired with Bluetooth.

Amazefit Smartwatches by Xiaomi

As you know Xiaomi has been filling up the market with multiple amazing techs consistently and now you can get a Smartwatch of this brand. The Amazefit watch is quite a stylish Smartwatch onlinefor you to wear. Besides it isn’t even way too costly.

The class looking watch surprisingly has a battery life that can last up to 3 to 5 days. Other than this, its upper design is the one to die for. It allows you to operate Bluetooth, GPS, and some basic sensors that are necessary for a person’s health.

Huawei Band 3 Pro

These Smartwatches are no doubt add ups to a person’s fashion wear but the even today the sole purpose of these watches is providing an individual with instant health notifications. Today you can see there are various men’s fitness watches available on numerous stores for a customer to choose and buy.

The Band 3 Pro by Huawaei is also one of them. This Smartwatch records second to second heart rate data of the person wearing. You can also keep track of your daily sleep routine through this watch. It comes with a built-in GPS for stamina. These are a few reasons why it is a reasonable pick for fitness Smartwatch.


With everything happening around so rapidly and so much advancement taking place, it has become a necessity for you to get smarter with it. Having a Smartwatch somewhat makes it easier. The above-mentioned Smartwatches are some of the latest launches of this year from which you can make your pick.

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