Accept and make cashless payment with freecharge mobile payment app

Make Cashless Payment With Freecharge Mobile Payment App

CASHREE India is the new anthem and it may not look easy as it seems but is definitely not impossible considering the fact that we have plenty of options these days to enjoy a cashfree life. It is now with us to decide if we really want this change to happen. I fully support this demonetization move while I am also aware of the issues being faced by common people in adherence to the same. The only and the best solution I see is going digital, in other words, let’s go CASHLESS. Though it may not be feasible for all but if applied in our daily life, it can surely bring an end to common man’s woes as far as financial dealings are concerned.

Freecharge- What and Why?

Talking about the Cashless India, Let’s discuss about Freecharge. Freecharge is one of the most popular mobile payment app in India today helping you deal with prepaid, postpaid, DTH, metro recharge and utility bill payments on all major online and offline platforms. Over 100,000+ online and offline merchants like Snapdeal, Bookmyshow, Swiggy, Zomato, Shoppers Stop, McDonald’s, Cafe Coffee Day, IOCL, IRCTC, Jet Airways, HPCL, Bata, etc. are already utilizing the benefits of Freecharge.

I also had a nice little experience with Freecharge app. I have been trying out various similar mobile apps but Freecharge stood out from the rest and I will let you know why. Let me start from the scratch. The very first thing is to download the app from the app store. Freecharge app can be easily downloaded from the respective Apple, Android and iOS Store. Below are the links to download the app:





Once you have downloaded and installed app on your device, you can click on the Freecharge app icon to get started. You are greeted with a beautiful splash screen with the Freecharge logo. I really liked the splash screen for its simplicity and it does tell you a lot about the app. The splash screen gets followed up with the homescreen which is a real eye catcher with its appealing user interface and aesthetics. I was particularly impressed with the icons and fonts used in the app. It appeared so soothing to my eyes…never felt like leaving the app. Infact, you feel like exploring more and more..!

                     Splash Screen                                                   Home Screen
















Once you are on homescreen, you can view all available payment options for payments and billing on different products and services one may use in their day to day routine. Freecharge eWallet balance is shown on top right corner of the homescreen. eWallet is a prepaid account you receive with Freehcarge. Using the same, you can make payments easy and fast without having to provide your card details again and again. Clicking on the eWallet balance + icon leads to you to the next screen where you have an option to ADD MONEY or WITHDRAW MONEY. Adding money is very easy. You can simply enter the amount you want to deposit in your Freecharge eWallet and proceed ahead providing your correct card/netbanking details to make your deposit successful. It is as easy as 1,2,3…

Adding Money in Freecharge















Making Payments in Freecharge

Once you have added balance to your Freecharge eWallet, you can make use of the same for any type of payment or billing supported by Freecharge. Freecharge app can be used for both P2P and P2M payments. Yes, you can easily pay money to your friend who arranged a movie ticket for your or even a cabbie for a cab ride. All it takes is just adding those people in your Freecharge friends list. Once they are in your contact list, you can click on the Pay or Send icon on the homescreen, select your receipt and proceed ahead with the payment by entering total amount to be sent in the next screen. Recipient gets immediately notified about the payment on his/her mobile device. Email notification is also sent.
















Similarly, payments can be made to any merchant after your order is delivered. You can easily locate small shopkeepers, chat, order, exchange view and product images and make payments. You just need to have their phone number or merchant code for the same. Below is a graphical example of how payment can be made to merchant using Pin code or QR Code. The Pin code or QR code is scanned by the merchant freecharge app to complete the transaction.















Speed Pay

For any payment say Mobile recharge, you don’t have to take the hassle of feeding in the info again and again – once you key in the details next time it is as simple as few taps. You can make a payment is less than 10 seconds. Also, you will get reminders for your bill payments and utility bills to avoid any late payments.

Chat n Pay

To make it more interactive and convenient for the users, Freechat also provides Chat n Pay platform which can be used for payment reminders to your friends, family or anyone in your freecharge contact list. You can pay money to the user, request for money or make a prepaid mobile recharge. Chat notification is visible on the main dashboard or say, home screen. It is highlighted in red. The Chat n Pay platform ensures safe and secure monetary transactions while enjoying the company of your friends or loved ones. It hardly takes 10 seconds!
















WhatsApp Payments

If above features are not enough, here is another feature worth considering. Freecharge lets you make mobile recharges and payments through Whatsapp. To make mobile recharges or payments through Whatsapp, you just need to enable Whatsapp service on your Freecharge app. Whatsapp feature is visible under More option in the menu at the bottom of the application.















Split Bill

Interesting but useful. Split Bill is a really interesting feature in Freecharge. The feature lets one easily divide bill among freecharge app users. It could help in dealing with situations where it is difficult to decide who should pay and how much especially if you are hanging out with your friends in a local eatery or restaurant. Be it a movie outing, a short vacation, splitting bills is very easy with Freecharge App. Though split bill can also be used in any circumstances depending upon user urgency.
















Well, it cannot get bigger than this. I have to accept it honestly. Freecharge is an amazing application with superb benefits for its users. The above mentioned features are ideally the best features of Freecharge app. There are still few more points worth sharing about the app. The money your receive or the balance your have in your Freecharge app can be easily transferred to any your nationalized bank accounts. You just need to link your bank account with the app. This is unlike other similar apps where money can only be transferred to the bank accounts, which have been used initially for making deposits or any type of payment in the app. Another feature which I liked in the app is the Donations feature. This feature is easily accessible under New Payment section on the home screen. Clicking on the same lets you explore and support noble causes in the society. You can select any cause and play your part by making donations for any of these causes. A really good initiative from Freecharge!!

Last but not the least, how can we forget Offers available with Freecharge app. Freecharge offers plenty of offers for its users. You can check out all these offers under Offers section on the menu bar located at the bottom of the app screen. As soon as your create your account on Freecharge, you can avail 100% cashback on your first usage. I also got this offer when I created my account on Freecharge app. I used the offer on my first mobile recharge.

Shopping is another area where Freecharge could be very useful especially if you like to shop on Snapdeal. Freecharge lets you shop on Snapdeal with your Freecharge account. I could see a good number products especially in electronic items . Though I didn’t shop this time, I am eager to shop in the times to come.

Enough said. Why not check it all yourself? I am sure you would love the app as much as I did. Check out the Freecharge website here –

Download the Freecharge App today!