Top benefits of using linux vps hosting for website hosting

Advantages Of Using Linux VPS Hosting

Your websites have outgrown your current shared hosting plan, but that doesn’t mean you have to invest in a costly dedicated server. VPS hosting is the most economical and reasonable solution to meet your sites’ enhanced needs. Linux virtual servers give you the benefits of shared and dedicated hosting. You are not investing in an expensive server, yet you will have a Linux server ‘dedicated’ to your needs.

Guaranteed Resources

There are many benefits of using a Linux VPS hosting. You will have guaranteed server resources, thus other users on the server will not affect your account in any way. The hosting plan provides higher performance, as the resources allocated to your account are higher than those for shared or reseller hosting.

More Options

When buying a Linux hosting, be it VPS or Shared, you are left with much more options. It’s because Linux is more stable and it’s free. You can choose from hundreds of hosting companies.  Always check the online reviews before choosing. If you are not an expert, choose a hosting that’s fully-managed with free 24/7 support. Lots of companies claim that they have 24/7 support, but they require their customers to pay additional fees for that service.  We recommend getting a Linux VPS hosting from RoseHosting , since their 24/7 support is free and all of their hosting plans are fully-managed. They’ve even been in business since 2001.


Linux is More Secure

There’s lots of reasons why people prefer Linux over Windows, and one of them is the security. Essentially, there’s no viruses for Linux operating systems. They are still there, but it’s so small of a number that they are pointless. Windows operating systems, on the other hand, get new malware daily. There’s no need for extra security measures for a Linux server, although most companies still secure their servers. For Windows servers, there’s a big need of additional software for security and you are still left at risk of getting a new virus.

Server-Level Access

A VPS hosting plan also allows you to configure server-level defaults. You can set the directory indexing system for all accounts. There is root level access, similar to dedicated hosting. This means higher level of control, additional features, and methods for directly accessing files. This can be even faster and better than using cPanel.

Linux is More Affordable

Linux VPS hosting is more affordable than Windows hosting. Several software applications can be installed for hosting and managing your sites. On the other hand, Windows hosting will require buying a license for each software program, which can significantly increase the cost. Since Linux is open source, there’s no need for buying licenses.

Advanced Technologies

Linux supports advanced and commonly used technologies like PHP, MySQL, and Apache that make website designing and database-related functions easier. If your site is linked to a database, as most websites are nowadays, Linux VPS can be the best option.

As you can see, there are so many advantages of Linux based VPS hosting for your websites. If you can choose, always go with a Linux hosting.

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