Blogging for money, most of us are blogging for the same. Isn’t it ? But the biggest question still remains – How many of us are able to make it in real? How many of us think that we can really do it? How many of us have put – online money making - as the top priority no matter whatever comes in between? No doubt, there are countless examples of those who have been making merry with the same and I think it is high time to learn from these examples and apply the same to our blogging habits and see it finally work in terms of monetary benefits. It is never too late anyways…
Now, if you have to make money online, you need to be looking at the available opportunities. Talking about the available opportunities, it is not necessary that you should be using these opportunities with your blog only. OK, you have been blogging daily and hard enough to get into the eyes of your potential advertisers but more often than not, you are faced with the disappointments where advertisers find a reason or two to ignore your blogging effort. You may even look for some alternatives like adsense and affiliate marketing but take my word, it is never easy and it may take years to see anything working at all..! But again that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t keep trying. You should and believe me if you are prized with blogging skills, you still have better opportunities left to be tried out other than being hooked to your blog for the same. And one such opportunity lies here at this site –   
In simple words, this site (still in beta)  gives you an opportunity to make money online by selling your posts. Now, you maybe wondering – Does this site helps you to sell your posts which have been published on your blog? No, it isn’t about the same. Instead, here on this site after registering and creating your account, you are made to write a unique article which is then submitted for a review to make sure it is free from duplicate content, content theft and related issues. Once reviewed, you are then informed if your article gets approved or rejected. The moment your article gets approved, it is added to ghostbloggers database for potential buyers. And then on the basis of price fixed, you finally sell your content and make money online. As per their guidelines, you receive 3.5 USD per 100 words. This means that for an article of 550 words, you receive 19.25 USD. Not bad…Isn’t it ?
Honestly, I haven’t been paid anything to write it all here. Infact, I came to know about the site today itself and I was really impressed. Let’s see it this way, most of us have been writing for our blogs and it has been very common to see most of our exceptional writings or say, good quality writings go in vain because other than some handful comments, we don’t really get the real value, if I were to say the same in terms of money. You may do all sorts of marketing and promotion but until and unless you have the right kind of traffic on your blogs, you end up shooting in the dark. And then your whole effort of writing and publishing your posts goes waste!
Sites like ghostbloggers at least give you one good opportunity to make some real money online in case you are finding it difficult to make the same from your blogs. You just need to be good at writing and certainly, you are free to write on anything and everything. Hope you will find it very useful..!