Review of a Cheap Essay Writing Service That Offers Valuable Help

Are you stuck with too many writing assignments? Do you consider hiring the services of a writing website? Come on board as we take you through an objective review of one of the best Writing Service Providers to help you make the right choice.

Hiring the services of a professional essay writer in the midst of hundreds of service providers is not an easy decision. Without a recommendation from a trustworthy colleague, it’s difficult to commit your entire degree to the hands of strangers on the internet.

Most writing websites are not what they claim to be and put up misleading ads to scam unsuspecting students. To help you avoid falling prey to such scheme, here is a review of, a reliable cheap essay writing service provider known for providing quality writing services to academicians from all parts of the world.


AffordablePapers.comis a leading essay and academic writing service provider that helps students pass through college by taking difficult essays and writing projects off their neck.

How They Operate may not pop up regularly on your browser as they do not spend so much money on advertisements. Rather they make their services affordable by cutting down on all running costs. hires the best startup writers and subjects them to a series of rigorous screening to ensure only the best works with the team.

hiring writers

For an insight on how the company hires their writers, here is a breakdown on the steps the company takes recruit writers:

Preliminary Examination uses a 4-hours test using the Oxford University standards to examine prospective writers.

Writing Style Tests

Candidates get tested for their ability to follow APA, Harvard, MLA, Chicago/Turabian styles.

Sample Essay

The final test involves writing a sample Essay to be evaluated by the company’s Writers Department.

The Department evaluates the Essay for:

  • Originality
  • Language and Style
  • Extensive Vocabulary and a good command of all grammatical errors

Pricing and Rates’s pricing system depends on the urgency of the assignment. .This means that assignment with shorter deadlines will cost more. However,’s rates are cheap and very affordable. Like mentioned earlier, the company cuts down unnecessary costs like advertisements to ensure that their services are very affordable.

Unlike most other writing services that pride themselves by showing off reviews on the Internet, believes in providing quality services and gaining more commission from recommendations.

essay pricing’s Services offers quality writing services to students of all higher institutions. These services range fromessays, academic projects, and all writing assignments. also helps student handle research projects, providing them fresh research materials and going over the entire research process to save you the time and stress of doing all the work yourself. strives to ensure that their clients receive fresh, Plagiarism free and non-paraphrased content. The company understands the implication of providing students with plagiarized content and ensures that they don’t jeopardize your education.

Apart from the primary services, AffordablePapers.comoffers the following additional services:

  • Title Page. provides you professional title page formatted, spaced and well-aligned to suit your project.
  • Correct Formatting. offers quality single space/double space, APA, MLA, Chicago and Harvard style of format. uses well-trained writers familiar with all professional style of formatting.
  • Free Corrections. accepts client’s feedback and will freely make corrections or revisions to suit your desire until you are thoroughly satisfied.
  • Plagiarism Report. provides you a comprehensive plagiarism report to ensure you are satisfied with the quality of work. You are also allowed to carry independent plagiarism check if you have doubts about the services provided.
  • Swift Delivery. delivers your project at the specified turn-around time to an email of your choice. They deliver your project in any format of your choice.
  • Quality Referencing. You will get a comprehensive list of references for your essay free of charge.

If you are still in doubt about enlisting theservices of a cheap custom essay then you should check out the following advantages:

  • Professional Services. Custom writing service providers tailor your project to suit your desired quality and purpose. If you are struggling with an assignment and you have no clue on how to handle it, hiring a writing website will save you from failing that assignment or ending up with a poor grade.
  • Plagiarism-Free Content. Sometimes it’s difficult for even the best student to come up with a plagiarism-free content, especially when you are out of time. Hiring the services of a custom writer will ensure you get a plagiarism free content. Custom writers deliver quality projects by carrying out comprehensive research using reliable sources.
  • Convenience. Custom writing service providers take the stress off you by helping you out when you are out of time. When you are faced with a Myriad of academic work and have no other option but to seek help, hiring a custom writing website will be the right call. You will not only save yourself the stress of failing under the workload, but you will get your assignment done on time and by professional writers.

Verdict also has a reliable customer service department with representatives available 24-hours round the clock ready to take your complaints and answer any question you may have. faqs

To ensure customers’ satisfaction, offers a 100% money-back guarantee for every writing project. You will get your money back with no questions asked if you are not happy with the quality of work received.

If you are looking for quality writing services,then you should check out and be sure to receive the value for your money.

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