Best software program to convert NSF to Outlook Express

All About NSF To Outlook Express Conversion

IBM Lotus Notes was developed for users to execute bunch of tasks under one platform. Along with emailing, Lotus Notes is used as web server, programming, database, address book and calendaring & scheduling program. When only pure emailing is concerned users find difficult to operate Lotus Notes as it is integrated program with set of commands. Lotus Notes is much more than just emailing allowing users to execute bunch of tasks at a time. This is why those users who needs only emailing are demanding solution for NSF to Outlook Express conversion. Reason being is accessibility of EML files on multiple platforms and respective email clients as best fit for pure emailing.

What Makes Lotus Notes Users Shift To Outlook Express?

There are few benefits of EML supported clients such as Outlook Express that that forces users to migrate from Lotus Notes to Outlook Express. Additionally, there are also some drawbacks that Notes exists allowing them to migrate to other email client.

  • Offline Accessibility To Mailbox Data: Clients like Outlook Express allow users to access mailbox data from local drive that works even if the internet connectivity is not available. Once the mailbox items are downloaded, users can access it anytime without relying on secure connection.
  • Sync of Multiple Email Accounts: Users can sync more than one email account in Outlook Express that permits them to download emails swiftly. Instead of checking each account separately users can download all items in single folder.
  • Ready To Cope With Disaster: Outlook Express saves copy of email messages on local system that can be restored or accessed when data has been hacked, deleted or corrupted. This provides sense of security to cope up with disaster situations when data is under the threat of loss.

Above listed all some advantages that Outlook Express provides to users, but this does not mean that Lotus Notes is not usable. If concerned overall Lotus Notes also provide collaborative emailing program that provides impeccable services to users. For those class of users who need only emailing Lotus Notes does not suits and hence the demand for email clients like Outlook Express comes in demand.

How To Convert NSF To Outlook Express?

Lotus Notes reads NSF format to save emails and other mailbox contents, therefore if you need to migrate in Outlook Express you need to first convert NSF to EML as Outlook Express reads EML format. Due to compatibility issues NSF files cannot be directly exported in EML files and thus the need for professional tools come in demand. Although, notes provides provision to export email messages in EML file but it is applicable only for single messages.

Method 1

One method to migrate Notes messages in EML format is setting an IMAP account and then by connecting it with Notes push all messages into it. Afterwards connect it with newly set up email client and pull all items and transfer as per requirements. In this context there is difference between forwarding and moving messages is moving doesn’t alter message contents and forwarding might delete/change header of messages.

Method 2

Second method to migrate Notes emails in EML file is exporting Lotus Notes emails to EML format using professional tools. This is because professional tools help to convert bulk Notes emails in EML format flawlessly. These tools also opportunity of converting data from any sized NSF to EML format in their original formatting and folder hierarchy. These tools don’t pose any limitation of platform dependency on users for Outlook Express.

Professional Method To Export NSF To Outlook Express

NSF to Outlook Express converter is an expert solution rendered to provide the facility of exporting Notes emails in EML format importable into multiple applications including Mozilla Thunderbird, Eudora and Entourage etc. The tool will convert all Notes messages in their original formatting, size and integrity in EML format and provide option to save output EML files at desirable location. The tool does not acquire any special knowledge to operate; even a person with less technical knowledge can convert NSF emails in EML format effortlessly. The tool is also available in freeware demo version to allow users judge the working abilities of tool prior to investing in licensed version of tool. Once the working of tool is evaluated by users they can invest in licensed version by contacting our support executives.

How To Convert NSF Emails In EML Format?

To convert bulk NSF emails in EML format users are required to download and install Lotus Notes to Outlook Express converter tool in system and launch it from Start > All Programs > Lotus Notes to Outlook Express Converter.

From the welcome screen of tool click on ‘Browse’ option and select NSF files from system to convert into EML format.

nsf outlook conversion

Click on ‘Start Scan’ option to preview NSF items prior to conversion.

nsf outlook conversion

Click on ‘Start Conversion’ to begin the process.

nsf outlook conversion

Provide a destination location to save output EML files in system.

nsf outlook conversion

Click on Export Emails to export NSF emails in EML format.

nsf outlook conversion

Navigate to destination location to view resultant EML files in system for importing into respective email client.

nsf outlook conversion

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