Everything about Windows 10 disk management

All You Need to Know About Windows 10 Disk Management

It is the exclusive operating system that is launched by one of the leading company across the globe, which is famous for its world class services know as Microsoft. Moreover, it is much more enhanced compared with windows 8 disk management. For instance, a virtual desktop system, start menu, a voice assistant Xboxapp, edge browser, Cortana as well as streaming features.

On the other hand, windows 10 disk management is an in built tool or application that is popular knows as PC users. In addition, it helps to manage or customize the drive partition without any reboot system process and without any interruption. At the end, it is very convenient and useful tool for user.


Hence, some important features of Windows 10 Disk Management are discussed below:

  1. Delete , Create, and format partition
  2. Change drive letter as well as paths
  3. Always mark partition in respect of active mode
  4. Open partition or Explore
  5. Shrink partition or Extend
  6. Always Add mirror
  7. Always helps to Convert empty MBR to disk GPT
  8. Always help to Convert empty dynamic disk towards basic disk

Windows 10  always offers better Disk Management.

Most of the user faces problems in respect of disk space in desktop as well as in laptop, in regards to system partition. Moreover, this disk management tools always helps to minimize the influence of the low disk issue in some ways or tips.

Therefore, ways to launch the disk management tool in windows 10 are discussed below:

  1. Right click in PC > after that click in Manage > at the end, in Disk Management.
  2. Always Click Start Menu as well as then type Disk Management for searching.
  3. Always Click Start Menu as well as type cmd to open command line. Moreover, then input compmgmt.msc and then click the Enter key.

Henceforth, in the process of using computer, users often need to perform disk partition management. In order to manage partition well, many users first think of Windows built-in disk management tool. However, unfortunately, this tool just owns a few functions, and some of them can only work in specified situations. For this reason, it cannot meet demands for partition management.

If users want to manage disk partition better, gpt partition tool is good software. However, since current software market is filled with inferior disk partition tool, users should be very cautious when selecting disk partition software. If we use inferior disk partition software to manage disk partition, data loss may emerge, bringing us more troubles.

Excellent disk partition software, like EaseUS Partition Master Free, should own the following features:

  1. Reliable and Safe: Drive partition tool developed by small software development groups always has defects since these groups are restricted by technology. Therefore, users should select drive partition software developed by famous software development companies.
  2. Easy to use: since many computer users are not very familiar with knowledge of drive partition management, partition software should be easy to use.

Hence, as users may encounter different kinds of problems about partition, excellent drive partition software should own all-sided and powerful functions.

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