Just imagine life without facebook..! Can you? Can anyone of us ever think of being away from facebook even for a second? Well, honestly…I really cannot. And I am sure my fellow readers too have the same views. But anyways, you must be wondering why have I come up with such fear or very unlikely statement. The reason for the same is “Anonymous”. Yes…the same anonymous which made headlines when it hacked into Amazon and Paypal servers…if I am not wrong. It was also behind the hacking of 70 law enforcement websites and took down the Syrian Ministry of Defense website. Well, I really do not much have much idea on “Anonymous” apart from the fact that they are a group of hackers who have been carrying out hacking activities with an unknown objective.

According to Wikipedia,

Anonymous is a group initiating active civil disobedience and spread through the Internet while staying hidden, originating in 2003 on the imageboard 4chan, representing the concept of many online community users simultaneously existing as an anarchic, digitized global brain. It is also generally considered to be a blanket term for members of certain Internet subcultures, a way to refer to the actions of people in an environment where their actual identities are not known. Anonymous has no leader or controlling party and relies on the collective power of its individual participants acting in such a way that the net effect benefits the group. “Anyone who wants to can be Anonymous and work toward a set of goals…” a member of Anonymous explained to the Baltimore City Paper. “We have this agenda that we all agree on and we all coordinate and act, but all act independently toward it, without any want for recognition. We just want to get something that we feel is important done..

Interesting…Isn’t it ? Now, the same Anonymous group seems to have rocked the internet world by vowing to destroy Facebook, the world’s biggest and the most popular social networking site. And the group also has decided a date for the same – November 5th, 2011. Not sure about you all but I am quite amused with this breaking news. I really do not understand the reason behind this kind of behavior though Anonymous has cited a reason for the same as privacy concern and security violation of user information. Ofcourse, these are some of the major concerns for anyone who has been lurking on social sites like Facebook and Twitter. Even I am but honestly, there is no justification to what Anonymous has vowed to achieve by destroying facebook. It looks silly to me and moreover, Anonymous has also released a video on Youtube citing reasons to destroy facebok and also has appealed people to join the cause and kill Facebook for the sake of protecting their own privacy.

The video claims the social networking site has violated the principles of online privacy and declared Facebook as the resident sinner in the eye of the AntiSec movement.

Check out this complete video on what Anonymous has to say about their most sensational plan to kill facebook on Nov 5 -

Well, Nov 5 is still very far away. By that time, I am sure facebook, considering this matter seriously would surely come up with stringent measures and steps to tackle this very unlikely threat from the so called protectors of Internet freedom, ANONYMOUS. I think it won’t happen the way it is being predicted. What do you think? Can Anonymous really do anything like this? Moreover, are their actions justified? Why facebook ??

Let me know your thoughts..!