Review of XNSPY app - mobile monitoring spy app

Another Mobile Monitoring App Review: Taking a Closer Look at XNSPY

I’ve been reviewing monitoring and parenting apps for a while now. When I go through them, they have similar things to offer like number blocking or placing restrictions on online shopping. But when I speak to parents about what they want in an app, I find that they want something completely different. They want an app that places the restrictions but also lets them control their children’s phones in a way. So today, I’m going to be talking about a mobile spy app called XNSPY, which I think is a lot closer to what parents want.

Walking Through XNSPY Features

XNSPY has a lot of different features, and this review is going to get way too long if I start going through each one of them. So I tried to broadly categorize them for your ease. So this cell phone spy app lets parents

  • Monitor and record calls
  • Monitor SMS
  • Monitor emails and other internet activity
  • Monitor GPS location
  • Monitor IMs
  • View their multimedia files
  • Listen to their surroundings
  • Control their phone remotely
  • Receive alerts on specific things

What I found interesting is that XNSPY does not forgo the physicality of parenting like most apps do. With features like GPS tracking and record surroundings, you are not just monitoring your kid’s virtual life, but their offline life as well.

A Few Downsides

I feel like a few obvious features are missing. For example, XNSPY does not offer social media monitoring. So parents can’t go through their kid’s Facebook or Instagram. HOWEVER, it does offer monitoring Facebook messages, and Instagram images end up in the gallery which they have complete access to.

Another thing is that it is only available for Andoid and iOS which means that if you have a Blackberry or a Windows Phone, you can’t get this app yet. Still, they are a relatively new product so I am hoping their next upgrade will be compatible with those phones as well.

The Upsides

XNSPY runs silently in the background of your target phone, so the stealth mode is a huge advantage.

It also runs smoothly. I have found that many monitoring apps tend to lag, especially when more features are added. But I didn’t find that with XNSPY.

It also has a LOT of features with a lot of options that you can play around with. I tested the call recording feature in great detail, and it was almost as if I were listening in on the call as it happened. So considering that they have so many things to offer, I’d say the price is pretty reasonable.

Overall, a Fine Choice

If parents are looking for a mobile spy software that does a lot more than place parental controls, I would say XNSPY is a fine choice. I haven’t seen a monitoring app with so many features—and if there were they didn’t quite deliver. My verdict? The app’s a winner. Install XNSPY on your kid’s phone and never look back.

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