A thing or say, a theory which has often been debated – Social sites like facebook or twitter can be better alternative to traditional blogging. Traditional blogging here refers to the usual blogging where you either have an option to host your blogs directly from your own sites or you also have an option to go for sites like WordPress or Blogger for the same. The latter has gone big like anything.

Currently where you have more than 300 million people hooked to Blogger, equally same or even more number of people are on WordPress. Talking in terms of growth, Worpress has been phenomenal with in 2010 alone, WordPress had over 6 million new blogs created, and pageviews raising upto 53%. So when you look at these stats, you have to agree to the fact that blogging is on peak and there is nothing like believing rumors of its being dead or being replaced by sites like facebook, twitter, etc…

Being an avid blogger myself, I don’t see any reason why people shouldn’t be blogging or why they should be moving to sites like Twitter or facebook for blogging. Talking about Twitter, I agree it has millions of users worldwide. The tweeting concept which originated from Twitter was a phenomenal development but still is hard to believe that twitter is or can be a better alternative to traditional blogging. ok, you are sharing your stuffs here and at times, letting yourself speak out anything and everything but having said all those in just 140 characters, does it ever look like blogging ?

A common term used in relation with Twitter is microblogging and certainly it is the very same except there isn’t any scope for better customization like what you see with wordpress or blogger. Also, unlike blogs where you find comments for your posts in an organized manner, the same cannot be seen with the Twitter thing. To let you know more, seven out of every ten tweets fail to earn replies or retweets. This was examined by Sysomos from 1.2 billion tweets that were posted in the last two months. Only 21 percent of reactions come in the form of retweets. Twitter still is seen as a powerful source to create content and news but very honestly, more often than not you don’t see people doing much on the same except retweeting links which often point to blogs.

Now, coming to facebook, it is one of the most visited sites for me. Unlike those who have been making use of the same to share links to their blogs or any sites, I’ve been using it mostly for personal interaction. Now does it look to be an alternative for traditional blogging? Well, not exactly but it still is a lot better than Twitter. Facebook doesn’t have limitation as such when it comes to sharing your stuff online say, texts, photos, videos, etc…so very much suited for blogging and with a feature like creating and sharing notes with your facebook friends, does make it a better choice for blogging. But then again, your content is constrained to be viewed and searched only by the users who have logged into the facebook account with their login credentials. Everything shared on facebook is private to facebook itself, the same never appears in the results of search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc…. This again is true for twitter also. But one thing is very sure, the facebook inbuilt search mechanism is a great development as it’s more about the popularity and relevance of the content which it provides through its search and has grown more popular with the “like” button which is a part of facebook social plugin. 2 million sites have added Facebook’s social plugins since its launch.

Well, the debate continues and will go on forever. I really don’t care what is being said about blogging and I really don’t see any threat to the same from sites like Twitter or Facebook or any other social media sites. Sites like twitter or facebook are complimentary to blogging. To say it as an alternative for the same would be foolish. Infact, social media provides a platform for bloggers to let the word go anytime and everytime. It  actually is place for marketing and promotion of your blog and not a place to find an alternative for traditional blogging…

Let me know your thoughts..!