The Autodesk Certification functions in validating your experience and skills in the IT environment. Being certified in the course will enable you to become highly productive, enhance your career and boost your credibility amongst employers and clients.

The major benefits of getting Autodesk Certification are


- The pride of displaying your Autodesk Certified credential in your office.

- The pride and prestige that comes with having your names and professional details listed in the Autodesk Certified Experts Database.

- Making use of the Autodesk Logo in your resume or product/service advertisements.

- Industry recognition of your skills and knowledge.

In today’s competitive work environment, it is important that you prove your experience and expertise not only to potential employers, but clients. This is the main reason that career people are being advised to pursue this accreditation course. By showcasing your abilities and skills to prospective employers and clients, you will be boosting your chances of securing employment in market leading companies or closing a business deal.

Who Should Apply for this Course?

The Autodesk Exam Certification course is designed to suit virtually every professional in spite of the industry he/she is working in. Therefore, if you are in manufacturing, ICT (Information and Communications Technology), engineering, business or architecture you can register for the course. While some people might think that this course is only designed for people who are seeking employment or looking to advance their careers, you can still apply for the course even if you are running your own business.

How to Be Certified in Autodesk?

To earn Autodesk Certification credentials, you have to first of all excelled in the exam. Alternatively, you can build your credential by taking a series of tests. Listed below, is a 5-step guide to being certified in Autodesk:

- Select an accreditation program that best suits your needs. Note that, there are different accreditation exams for Autodesk 3ds Max Exam programs. Get to know what you can expect in the actual exam by taking time to assess the detailed examination guide so as to identify the skills and knowledge being tested.

- Evaluate your promptness. Before enrolling for the actual exam, candidates are advised to take time and assess their inclination by trying out practice tests. This will enable them to recognize their weak areas.

- Study for the test. As is the case with all other kinds of tests, you need to acquire the proper training prior to sitting for the actual exam. You can achieve this by enrolling for classes at any of the approved Autodesk Training Centers. Alternatively, you can prepare for the exam by taking online classes (i.e. e-learning).

- Put your training into use. Whatever you learn from your classes, try as much as possible to put them into practice so that you can acquire some practical knowledge.

- Take the Autodesk Certification exam. Once you are sure that you have prepared well for the exam, you can now register for the actual examination on the internet and earn your certification.