Backlink Indexing – Generating High Quality Backlinks

Not every website may be using backlinks but it is considered one of the most popular tools to improve the SEO of your website. You can use back links for any kind of purpose of website you want to achieve as long as you want the rank of your website to go higher in search indexes that will in turn bring more traffic to your website. But remember you should settle to just ordinary backlinks that has less relevancy to your website. You should focus more on high quality back links. How to get them? Read on to find out.

Basic Knowledge of Back links

Backlinks may sound complicated but they are simply links that are indicated in your website. If you are fond of reading news websites, you often find links in between paragraphs. These are called backlinks. It can be used to refer to a specific page of the same website or directing it to another website of relevant content. It can be anchor tests to get an accurate traffic to a certain website, or yours.

Also called inbound links, the number of these that are found inside a single page indicates the importance and popularity of the website. These days most websites implement back linking into their sites in order to get good ranks at search engines and generate more traffic.

How to Get Good Quality Backlinks


One of the most popular methods to get backlinks and even a very easy thing to do. The first step you need to do is find blogs that have the same niche as yours. Also when you leave a comment, making sure that is relevant to the topic; leave a link of your website. This is also one way of spamming an author’s blog so it is best to avoid spamming. If you do, the author will not accept your comment and will just delete it in their control panel. Find blogs that will allow following backlinks as there are blogs who do not accept backlinking.

Guest posting

This is an old way for back linking and even effective, provided that you are a good writer. If you can write down high quality blog of the same niche in a high ranked web blog, it will give you an effective result. You can also contact the owner of the blog and then offer the articles you have written in exchange of the back links.

If they accept your offer, they will post your article in their blog website together with either 1 or 2 backlinks for you. This will instantly get you the dofollow back links from the reputed blog and in return will help you immensely in boosting the rank of your website and traffic since your website is now connected with a high ranked and highly reputed blog.

A number of website owners find it tiring, difficult and time consuming doing backlink indexing because it involves a lot of process. There is another solution for you if you do not like doing all the work. Find backlink indexers that will do the job for you in finding high quality inbound links for your website.

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