Finding the best social media marketing platform on the internet

Battle of Social Media Platforms: Hootsuite vs. Sendible vs. Postific

Undoubtedly, social media became a main focus of marketing in the online world. It is believed that a strong social media presence leads to establishing a brand, builds a strong customer relationship, increases market scope, provides feedbacks and increases web analytics. While all of these are true, you can’t simply achieve these all by simply getting a Twitter or Facebook account.

It is important to build solid social media marketing skills for us to engage, respond and listen to what our target market wants. This is where the term “social media management” arises. A social media marketer needs to be organized for him to update, respond and share valuable information. This can be time consuming and often turns out to be unproductive. Why? It is simply because managing social profiles manually is boring.

However there are some social media marketing tools today that marketers can utilize. There are quite a few good tools out there but 3 social media platforms undeniably stand out – namely Hootsuite, Sendible and Postific.


This article gives an overview of the three social media management and marketing platforms. Take a look at their features to know the social media tool that suits your requirements best.


HootSuite allows users to engage up to 25 social media networks. Users can schedule bulk social messages and target posts to customers based on location, language and demographics. Before or after sharing content via this platform, a user can monitor emerging trends and compare trending keywords and phrases through the conversation maps. HootSuite provides filtering customizations to see conversations relevant to you and your market.

Through its analytics, users can track their audience’s gender and geography and also identify social influencers that are important to conversations surrounding your brand.   Users can measure clicks, likes, retweets, brand sentiment and more and produce custom reports from data collected.


Sendible is an online management service designed to help promote online marketing through social media accounts, emailing and SMS messaging. Sendible allows a user to post multiple messages on different social media services simultaneously or whenever scheduled in the future. Once the posts are shared through this platform, comments and responses will be displayed in the Sendible Message Box for a user to respond back to.

Sendible’s email marketing tool provides templates and ways to design your own templates. A user can schedule emails to be sent at different times and then track every email through the featured analytics. Sendible also allows you to import lists of contacts in a CVS file or from any other online email service you currently use. In addition to emailing, Sendible’s SMS functionality lets users send and receive scheduled messages to any country and to any network provider at low prices.


Postific social media management and marketing platform allows users to connect unlimited social media accounts. Together with that, users also get an option to create unlimited number of companies and organize their social accounts under each company. They simply assure their users that they can manage all of their social accounts from one single place and monitor their social activity!

Postific makes signing up simple with its no download, no credit card sign up option. This social media management and marketing platform offers a 30-day trial period so users can take advantage of the features that it offers. Postific offers the following benefits:

  • Connect unlimited social media accounts
  • Automated and Scheduled Posting
  • Engagement and Leads Tracking
  • Manage your messages
  • Multiple Companies Support
  • Unlimited RSS Feeds
  • Live Social Feeds
  • Insight Statistics
  • Groups Management

Now that we know the features of these 3 social media platforms, which one do you prefer? Try them all out then let us know!

Jessica Smith is the Editorial Executive of Postific, a free social media management software created to help businesses increase social engagement and reach more customers. Learn more about Jessica by following her on Twitter – @JSmith_Postific and on Google.

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