Become a facebook marketing expert with facebook blueprint certification

Become a Facebook Advertising Guru with Facebook Blueprint Certification

The digital marketing industry is a constantly evolving industry. It is necessary to keep oneself updated with the latest trends and techniques to match your competitors and eventually beat them. This applies not only to the industry professionals but even to those looking to foray into job market for the given industry. Though not so lucrative at present, but the demand for digital marketing professional is showing an upward trend from last 1-2 years. This is especially true for the Indian job market which was predominantly filled with traditional job opportunities in sales and marketing domain. The emergence of Digital Marketing Industry has created a new lifeline for the job seekers. Now there’s a lot more scope for the job seekers. The only thing required is to keep yourself updated with the latest industry trends.

So, how do you keep yourself updated with the latest trends in digital marketing? How to show yourself best among the rest in this industry? How to get yourself recognized in this industry?

Well, one of the ways to keep yourself updated and recognized in the industry is to keep learning as much as possible and showing it off through industry recognized certifications. Several industry recognized certifications can be availed today. Majority of these certifications in digital marketing come from brand Google like Google Ads Certification, Digital Fundamentals Certification, etc…  

Today we are going to discuss about yet another industry recognized certification which is slowly but surely gaining prominence in the current scenario. This certification comes from Facebook, the world’s most popular social network. Let’s know all about it in detail.

facebook blueprint certification

Facebook Blueprint Certification for Digital Marketers

Digital Marketing is incomplete without Facebook Marketing. Facebook forms the basis of social media marketing today. Infact social media management starts and ends with Facebook. For any digital marketer today, having essential facebook marketing skills is a must. And this is where Facebook Blueprint Certification can help you to stamp your authority in a given domain. Unlike other certification programs in facebook marketing, Facebook Blueprint Certification is a widely recognized certification in the digital marketing industry. This program is especially valuable for those looking to make most of digital advertising on Facebook.

What Can You Learn From Facebook Blueprint Certification?

Well, the Facebook Blueprint Certification program lets you learn and master all essentials of facebook advertising.

If you are planning to run successful ad campaigns on facebook, the blueprint program will help you to learn and excel in the following areas:

  • How to manage Facebook Pages
  • How to select and use Facebook advertising objectives
  • How to target audiences for maximum effect
  • How to utilize Audience Insights
  • How to optimize reach and frequency
  • How to implement planning strategy and best practices
  • How to make use of Facebook’s measurement solutions
  • Finding out how Facebook products can be used in advertising and communication strategies.

Similarly, if you want to create and buy ad on Facebook, the Blueprint program will help you to learn and excel in the following areas:

  • How to manage Facebook Pages
  • How to select and use Facebook advertising objectives
  • How to manage, create and purchase Facebook ads
  • How to target audiences for maximum impact
  • How to improve performance and delivery via the ad auction
  • How to achieve and report ad KPIs
  • How to use and test Facebook Pixel and SDK
  • How to leverage consumer insights and the product catalog
  • How to troubleshoot ad issues

These and perhaps more can be learned and gained through Facebook Blueprint Certification.

How to Get Certified with Facebook Blueprint Certification?

In order to get Facebook Blueprint Certification, you must choose and clear either of the 2 certification paths from Facebook. Each of these certification paths consists of two exams as listed below:

Facebook Certified Planning Professional
EXAM 310-101
Facebook Advertising Core
EXAM 322-101
Facebook Certified Planning Professional

Facebook Certified Buying Professional
EXAM 310-101
Facebook Advertising Core Competencies
EXAM 321-101
Facebook Certified Buying

You must take any of these two listed paths and should clear both exams with a minimum passing score of 700. The exam can be taken online via Facebook test delivery partner, Pearson VUE or at the Pearson testing center.

What is the cost of Facebook BluePrint Certification?

Unlike free certifications available from Google or Hubspot, Facebook Blueprint Certification is a paid certification. The cost for taking this certification exam is atleast $150 though the cost can vary from location to location. You can get exact details regarding the cost during the check out process.

Well, the certification is definitely not cheap in terms of cost but is still worth considering for if you wish to build your career in social media industry . An important thing to note here is that if somehow you fail to qualify for the certification in your first attempt, you can then retake the exam by paying the same amount which may again go upto $150. Again the amount may vary depending on your location.

You can retake the exam after every 5 days but not more than once. If you pass the exam in your first attempt, you do not need to retake it. But yes, the certification does not come with a lifelong expiry. The certification is valid only for 12 months. Once the duration is completed, it must be renewed by retaking and passing the exam again. The cost again remains the same. Infact, the cost is recurring once every year. Thus Facebook Blueprint Certification is a long term investment but is a definite boost for those looking to stand out in the world of digital marketing.


As explained in the beginning of the topic, Facebook Blueprint Certification can really boost your career. The badges you receive after passing the exam is a definite symbol of knowledge and learning you have gained in the world of digital advertising. Those badges can be shown anywhere you like including your email signature, electronic resume, etc… Even can be verified online if required.

The certification is officially recognized by Facebook thus giving you an edge over others with similar certifications. By completing the certification program, you can hone your skills in facebook marketing and establish yourself as an expert in this domain.

To get started, you can check for complete details regarding the Blueprint Certification program on their official website. The site also offers case studies and online learning course material for students to help them learn and earn their Blueprint Certification. These course materials are divided into several topics which is again divided into several subtopics related to Facebook Marketing. You can complete these subtopics and claim your certification in the individual topics. You can check out some real examples here where I have completed few topic certifications –

Please note that topic certification is completely different than the official blueprint certification. Blueprint Certification is only available after clearing any of the two paths as mentioned here

Having initial experience with facebook advertising will definitely increase your chance of clearing the blueprint certification exam.

So, are you excited to complete and get your Facebook Blueprint Certification? Waiting to impress your clients and the company? Looking to grow yourself into Facebook Marketing Pro? If yes then!