Best Apps to Manage Your Numerous Social Media Accounts

There are quite a few apps out there that are built to help you manage your social media accounts. The great thing is that most of the apps on this list have become so popular that they are available for almost all of the operating system, and even are available on the PC and Laptop. Here are a few that you may like to try.


This is an app that starts with a very long list of features that is really ideal for people who like to take a close and personal interest in their social media accounts. You are able to get overviews of things if you like, but if you want something a little more in-depth, then this is the app for you.

You may manage your Twitter and Facebook accounts from the app, and you may upload your posts and schedule them to appear when you desire. You can use many of the functions on the free version, or you can try the paid version for an even more extensive list of functions.

You are able to shorten your URLs, or promote your social media profiles. You are able to track certain keywords in the social media networks systems, and you may purge your message inbox. There is also no limit to how many social media profiles you add to this app, and it will not charge you for adding them either.


This is a good one for people who like to measure metrics via their apps as well as manage their social media network profiles. You can measure analytics and pop them on an excel sheet so that you may save them. You may use this tool and measure metrics for social media networks such as Twitter, Flickr, Facebook and YouTube.

It allows you to see how well your posts are doing online. You can see if your posts are making the impact that you hoped they would. The app will also present your data on a graph too, so you will be able to see the difference between one week or month to the next. You can compare full campaigns to each other.


If you look into this company, then you will find that there is an app for almost every major platform including both mobile devices and desktop devices. It is very good at streaming information from networks so that it comes to rest on your app. It allows you to process metrics and look at the results on an interface that is reminiscent of an email platform.

With this app, you are going to be able to synchronize up with the bigger social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. But, if you look into it you will see that there are actually 90 third party social media network options that you can integrate into this social media management tool. There are great integration options for people who have certain interests such a Klout, Salesforce Chatter and Stocktwits.


It is named after what Buffy the vampire slayer should have called her son, but its primary focus is for Twitter. It allows you to schedule your Twitter tweets for different accounts, but you can do it all from one app. You can schedule your posts so that they post at the same time on all of your networks. Or, you can set the schedule so that it posts your tweets at different times during the day.

This is one of the most popular social media management apps and it can be the one app that you use for almost all of the social media networks you can find. It is very good at allowing you to integrate almost any social media network into your app.

It allows you to manage your social media network posts and feeds via the app. You can even update your account via SMS or by email if you cannot get to the app itself. It is very good at allowing you to organize your many social media network profiles, even if you have a very lot of them. You can update and post to every one of your profiles from the app hub. It is a very flexible app that is useful for those with multiple accounts that are on multiple networks. It makes their lives a lot easier.


This is probably one of the most famous social media management apps at the moment. Some people think that it just handles Twitter, but even though its Twitter tools are great, it still has functions that allow you to manage your Facebook profiles, LinkedIn profiles, and other bigger social media network names. It allows you to schedule posts and to view your feeds and make smaller adjustments and updates to your profiles. It also has analytic properties too, so you can look at how your keywords are doing or how many people are liking or viewing your posts.

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