Top 5 math mobile apps for kids from age 3 to 5 years

Best Math Mobile Apps for Kids


These mobile apps will help your kids understand the fundamentals of mathematics in interactive and fun way.

Kids should be aware of important math skills like counting, number recognition, addition and subtraction in their earlier learning stages. It would help them understand complex concepts like algebra and trigonometry as they advance to the higher classes.

But it can’t be denied that math is not colorful or interesting as language subjects. It is all about plain logics and brainstorming to find the answers. This is why many kids start losing interest in primary levels. In fact, this is the stage when math can turn out to be horrible for some students.

And it is equally true that kids are likely to learn easily when the things are interactive, interesting and fun. Same can be said about mathematics. Parents can make the boring and tough math chapters interesting and engaging for their kids. The solution lies in Math apps.

Math mobile apps use graphics, animation, games and story-telling to make kids familiar with the basic concepts of mathematics. For example, they can understand the complex math equation by solving a puzzle or playing a game.

Here is a compilation of interactive mobile apps which make math fun and appealing for the kids.

Kids Math

Kids Math is a useful mobile app for learning the basic concepts of mathematics. It has three different games like Kids Math Test, Sum Finder and Math Match Game.

Kids Math Test is divided into 8 math levels and each level contains 10 math questions related to addition, subtractions, multiplication, division, fractions and greatest/smallest numbers. Users are given 30 seconds to answer each question; for correct answers, they are rewarded with additional four seconds.

Another game is Sum Finder which requires a player to make quick calculation.

The mobile app also focuses on memory skills with its Math Memory game, which requires a player to pair up the tiles with the same value or mathematical expressions.

(Download it For Android Best for Age Group: 3 to 5)


Eduguru 3-5 math app is especially designed for preschoolers and young school-aged kids. It teaches essential math skills like counting, number recognition, relative sizes, geometry and many more. It definitely appeals to the kids with its vibrant themes like outer space, farms and pirates.

Eduguru offers 8 games and each game starts with the basic level for the beginners, and then advance levels are unlocked as a player completes the basic one. This way, it lets kids explore and learn at their own pace.

(Best for Age Group: 3 to 5 year olds. Download it for Android / iOS)

Counting Caterpillar

Counting Caterpillar teaches the math basics like counting with attractive colors, spectacular graphics and nice sound effects. It is one of the best counting apps for preschoolers and kindergarteners. Being developed by leading kid’s app developer, Shape-O, the app has more than 45 levels to offer.

The game requires a player to feed the caterpillars by counting and catching aphids in the correct number sequence and earn butterflies.

(Best for Age Group: 4 to 5 year olds. Download it for iPhone, iPad)

Sushi Monster

Playful interface, cute characters and attractive visuals are enough to keep kids engaging with Sushi Monster. It is a great mobile app for kids to learn all the basic math concepts related to addition and multiplication.

The plates of sushi (with their respective numbers) are placed on the counter by a chef. A player finds the right combination of the numbers on the plates to achieve a target number being carried by a sushi monster. If the combination is right, the sushi will be consumed by the monster. Rewarding points will help the winner to unlock the new levels.

The mobile app has 12 sequenced different levels (7 levels for addition and 5 levels for multiplication). Each level has 4 rounds consisting of 14 target numbers.

(Best for Age Group: 4 to 5 year olds. Download it for iPhone, iPad)

Thinking Blocks Multiplication

Thinking Blocks Multiplication helps kids understand model multiplication word problems. A player has to organize information and visualize number relationship with its six problem solving models. The progress is saved even when app is closed or reloaded.

(Best for Age Group: 4+. Download it for iPhone , iOS)

So these are the best math apps for your kids. Download them and let your kids learn math in interactive way like never before.

Wilson Tan is the Director at Best Home Tuition Agency– ChampionTutor and as well as blog writer. He has been in the teaching industry of last 15 years. He is very much connected with technology.