How to improve laptop battery life and battery backup easy and fast

Best Tips to Improve Laptop Battery Life [Basic Tips]

Generally, after buying a Laptop we’ll get around 1 year warranty with complete cover package. I’m sure Dell Provides this Package as I’ve enjoyed their services over past 4 years. But, the other day(few years ago) I came to know that the complete cover package excludes the Laptop battery, which made me to pay extra in order to buy new Laptop battery, during that time

I’ve decided to search and learn some of the most important things that I need to follow in order to enhance my laptop’s battery life. Generally, we’ll be reading lots of stuff around the web, regarding security tips, troubleshooting tips, reviews, tutorials and what not; we’ll be able to find the solution for almost everything and thanks to Big G for bringing all these things to one place.

But how many of us will be following all these things regularly?

Many of you might follow, but I’m pretty lazy guy who cares about my stuff only if it is under serious threat. Over past 2 years, I’m using same battery which I’ve bought after knowing that fact that the warranty thing doesn’t applies for Laptop Battery. My Battery backup is still decent with around 120 mins of backup. I’ll be sharing the tips that I’ve been following in order to improve the battery life and battery span of our Laptops. Increasing the lift of our batteries isn’t a hardcore myth.

improve laptop battery life

Generally the average Battery Backup life of all Laptops will be around 2 to 3 hrs, but while you’re travelling you might be praying to extend the battery life for just 30 more minutes in order to accomplish the work. So, I don’t claim that you’ll be increasing the battery a lot, but 10 – 20 minutes matters a lot for most of the people.

Don’t Over Charge Your Laptop

This is the first mistake that I’ve done which exhausted my Laptop’s Battery whose backup life dropped from 3hrs to 5 mins in just 1 year.

  • Make sure that you don’t over charge your Laptop. Once you’ve noticed that you are having enough battery power, discard the charger from the pin.
  • Make sure you charge your Laptop to 100% only when you are sure that you are going to travel or other purposes where you won’t be getting chance to charge your battery.
  • You can also run your laptop on AC power instead of squeezing the power of your battery, this is yet another best tip when you are stilling in your bed-room or living room where the power slots are close enough to you.

Adjust Laptop Brightness [Minimize]

It is yet another important thing that you need to consider in order to improve the Battery backup of your Laptop. Most of the Laptops allow us to adjust the brightness of our screens from the keypad itself. We’ll be provided with special keys that help us to adjust the brightness of our screens. If you don’t find those keys, you can do it manually as well. Click on the battery icon in your System tray options. Then you havee to click on the “Adjust Screen Brightness” and make sure you minimize the screen brightness as much as you can.

Minimize the Background programs

Make Sure you remove the programs that are running in the background. Windows Gadgets, Softwares, etc., unnecessary programs can be killed in order to improve the battery life.
Go to the Task Manager, and remove the unnecessary programs.

Reduce the Volume and remove all USBs/disks

Active USB peripherals will always squeeze the battery. So make sure that you unplug the unwanted things every time for effective usage.
Volume is yet another thing, when you are aware of the fact that you are in need of some battery backup, mute the volume or at least minimize it in order to improve the battery.

Disable Wireless Internet and Bluetooth

This is common thing in almost all devices. You can see this as basic thing that improves the battery life of devices regardless whether you are having Smart Phones or Laptops, etc.Make sure you turn off them, at least the Bluetooth when you are not using it.
Including these there are many other basic things that you must know like

  • Change your Power Option to “Power Saver” from “balanced” which automatically increases your battery backup.
  • Keep your Laptop in Cool Places and Clean the battery Contacts.
  • Disable Automatic Updates and Prevent Scheduled Tasks.
  • Never use Sleep/Standby mode, instead Shutdown or Hibernate your Laptops.
  • Add RAM and use best Defrag softwares to reduce burden on your HDD.

These are some of the best tips that you need to follow in order to improve the battery life as well as battery backup of your Laptops.

Guest Post by Siddartha Thota, who loves to write about batteries and their performance based articles, you can also see his article on how to increase battery life of Android

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