Blocking Websites to Increase Workplace Efficiency and Decorum

People who work as executives or are responsible for the performance output of a certain group of individuals at the workplace are often found worried. This is when their employees spend prolonged duration of time downloading irrelevant content off the internet. Now, the internet is an essential tool for any company or corporation to function properly. Without it, there is no output. However, the problem with having the internet around is that people would use it to do things other than what they should be doing. Based on this criteria, information (web pages, URLs, Media, Text, Applications etc.) is classified into two parts: relevant and irrelevant.

Relevant and Irrelevant Information

Relevant information is information that has either active or passive use in bringing about a certain outcome that is desired by the company or corporation. This means, any data that has to be downloaded from the internet in order to help an employee reach a certain work-related outcome, make a decision, solve a problem and so on is relevant information. Relevant information may be statistics, mathematical tools, programming tools, and certain media, all depending on the kind of firm that we are talking about. Note that all relevant information comes out of the internet being used as a tool, not as a means.

Irrelevant media consists of material that has no bearing whatsoever on the job that is being done. Social networking, pornography, viewing of irrelevant videos on YouTube, even checking the news or the score of the latest sports event is irrelevant usage of the internet. Note, again, that irrelevant information comes out of the internet being used as a means, not as a tool as it is supposed to be used in the workplace. So, how do you prevent this from happening? Fortunately for you, your problems on how to block websites in your company work stations have been solved: the software Work Examiner takes care of it all. Here’s how:

Blocking a Website

You can download and install the free demo version of work examiner from the internet at any time. Once you have installed it, all you need to do is to get a new website filter. In the filter, you can either choose to block a single website URL or an entire category of websites. This works because the software itself has over three million websites marked and categorized in various fronts that can often be deemed unsuitable for work environment. You can simply select the category “Social Networking” and all social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Google+, Orkut, Hi5, LinkedIn, etc. etc. would be blocked instantly.

There are several other things you can do with Work Examiner, including but not limited to getting automated emails when a certain employee tries to access inappropriate content on their computers, get regular screenshots of your employees’ computers to make sure they arrive on time, do their work diligently and so on, even keep track of the emails they send and the files they exchange as attachments.

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