First impression is the last impression. Most of us know it well. While there are people who value it seriously, some aren’t such. The blogosphere has countless examples of those who fall into such groups, one which is ready to implement it to perfection and the other which has no time and interest for the same. I am talking about the design part…the design of your blog. Believe me, nothing fascinates me more than seeing a beautifully laid out design or layout of a blog. One of the reason for the same is that I am myself a web designer. Yes..I do it mostly as a hobby and I simply enjoy it though I still have to learn a lot in this area…to be an expert..!

Design does play a very big role. Anyone who misses it here, misses the most. You may have a great content on your blog but if it isn’t supported with a well laid out design or layout, I won’t visit it again..and perhaps you may end up witnessing the same from others. Honestly, are you ready for the same?? I guess not. So, how do you make sure your design stands out from the rest? How to find a better design for my blog? How to choose a design which supports my blog? This and many more questions may bother if you are considering an overhaul of your blog design..!

Well, very first from what I have known from my blogging experience, the design of the blog has to be in conjunction with the theme of your blog. You cannot put anything anywhere. The theme of the blog has to be picked up after having known the purpose of your blog and this can be further narrowed down to the targeted niche. Suppose your niche is about beauty products, you can further break it down to men’s beauty products/accessories or women beauty products and this way you have a higher chance of blog being read or visited..! One of the best things today is that you have ‘n’ number of available blog themes to choose from. The theme or say templates are available for all popular blogging platforms like WordPress, Blogger, etc…

Before choosing a design for your blog, you need to know some basics – The design must be unique yet attract attention of many. The design has to be an eye catcher but not weird to scare away the visitors. The design has to be professional but not so plain. While it is easy to get away with the design thing if you are into personal blogging, it shouldn’t be the same case if you are into problogging. Choosing right color combination gets so important here and I have seen some bloggers completely messing up with the same. Designing is an art and if you know how to choose a better color to suit your blog theme, you are finished with half of your designing task. You can go with any color combination but finally it has to look appealing and aesthetic. The color of the text has to merge with the color of your background which needs to be neutral in nature with colors ranging in from white to black as these colors are more appropriate for the same. As from my own experience, color themes based on light blue color work out the best for professional blogs. Make sure you are not ignoring or overdoing the same as it may significantly affect your blog visibility.

Yet another vital thing with any blog design is having a right navigation menu. Now, when you look at this blog…you can see the navigation menu which is horizontal type like what you see on most of the sites. The navigation button is clearly visible on top of the page and all other related topics are covered under sub menus. Everything is well placed and the menu is properly linked to the related content. So, visibility and ease of use is what you must consider on priority while designing or choosing a navigation menu.

Another most important thing which often been overlooked – the page layout style. 1 column layout, 2 column layout, 3 column layout, etc…which works better?? The decision again has to be made by you but as far as what I have known, the two 2 column layout works best with blogs. Here is a post to let you decide more on the same – Best Blog Layout

Now, coming to few more but important things related to blog design. As I had stated the same earlier, it is all about the visibility plus the overall look and feel, I don’t get this why some blogs do not have their search button or search forms properly placed and even if it is there, why it isn’t visible in the first visit? Why have I to waste so much of my time in locating the same? As a blog designer, you should pay attention to each and every detail and the basics must be followed to maintain a balance between the available components of a blog layout. Search forms or say any other plugin or widget which has been used on your blog should be purposeful and if it is so then it should be visible enough to meet your purpose. There is no point in putting those on your blog if it has to remain hidden from your visitors…!

Last but not the least, design of any blog today looks ineffective without social bookmarking icons. Nearly every blog has it today. Services like,…make it much more easier to place such icons on your blog which ultimately enhances the design of your blog. Doesn’t matter much if icons appear smaller or bigger, you just have to make sure that those are placed at right locations and are visible to your visitors without any problem. Social icons with counter are recommended from my side as it looks more compelling and effective. You can find the same thing with the floating button which has been placed on right side of the page near to the scrollbar.

Now apart from adding all those things which enhances the design of your blog, there are few things which should be taken care of or must be avoided. Using ad spaces on your blog is fine but having too much of ads on your blog goes negative from the design part. This has to avoided at any cost. Font selection must be done carefully and avoid using uncommon fonts on your blog. The basic and most common fonts should be used like Arial and Verdana.

Well, creativity and designing go side by side. Some are blessed with both and some are clueless on the same. Anyways, it is never too late to know the basics of a great design. What I have shared above are basics of an effective blog design. I may have missed out with a thing or two but I have tried to cover the most. Only thing I would like to say here – Whatever design you choose for your blog, never miss out with the purpose of your blogging. As finally, it is all about the same…!