You have been blogging for a while. You have been doing it consistently better than most others. Just like any other blogger, you had a dream to make it one day….yes, get your efforts counted in terms of monetary benefits. You saw it as quite difficult in the beginning and at some stage…you thought it was quite impossible! but still then you never lost your hope. You kept on working like anything.

You kept on adding posts, placing right ads at right places, getting much needed traffic and slowly but surely…it began to show off. Yes, it must have been a happiest moment in your life when you would have seen the first dollars of your hardwork. You were thinking it impossible but it was never to be. You have been rewarded finally for your hardwork and more importantly, your patience. Its time to rejoice and hope for the best. Yes, hope against hopelessness, we all have to think the same way. You also did the same. And now you are reaping the benefits.You were happy with the initial results but never satisfied. You wanted more and more. And so, you continued with your efforts. You got everything spot on…be it google adsense, amazon affiliate, adbrite, chitika, widgetbucks, free ad spaces, sponsored tweets, etc…

You tried every bit from your side to market your blog. And you did it successfully well. You wrote paid reviews, placed paid text links, attracted more and more advertisers by working on your Google Page Rank and Alexa both. Yes, you did everything you could.And now, you are making helluva money online. Thought not near to 6 figures mark but still enough to make you happy and satisfied. Now, the big question comes? You know you really enjoy it like anything and now, it has finally become an income stream for you. It was a dream once and now you can see it happen in reality for you. You are in 7th heaven…to be honest. You have found an end to all your worries. But wait..

Blogging is one of the finest mediums to generate passive money online. But have you ever thought of making it as a career choice? Or let me ask – Are you happy with your 9 to 5 job? I guess most of us would disagree to this thing. Even I am not happy with my 9 to 5 job. But I have to as I never thought of making blogging as my career choice. There were many reasons for the same. The most important reason for the same was the lack of will. Yes, I lacked it like anything. At any point of my blogging, I was never ever serious about making money online. Instead…I enjoyed writing and expressing myself. I know it was quite foolish to have everything with you and yet nothing. Also, I was gripped with many questions like -

  • Can blogging really be a better career choice ?
  • Blogging can be a great source of passive income but is it big enough to make me think it as a great career opportunity ?
  • Can blogging give me consistent results with the income generated online?
  • Can blogging give me a growth in my life?
  • Can blogging make me independent ?
  • Is it necessary to be a full time blogger to reap the financial benefits ?
  • Professional Blogging or Personal Blogging – Can I do it with anyone ?

Now, how about you? Do these questions bother you too? Have you decided to make blogging as you career choice? Are you ready to quit your 9 to 5 job just because you are making it much better and say, big with this blogging thing? Do you go by your own instincts or you get influenced by others who have done it and are still doing it successfully well ?

Please have your say…