Copyright – what does it mean to you? As a blogger, have you ever been so serious about it? Moreover, do you make sure that whatever you blog, has to be your copyright or you just avoid being concerned about these things as you feel that it goes against your thinking.

Just a few days back, I was taken aback by seeing a comment from one of my fellow commenters. The comment was made on one of my posts. I could have deleted the comment but then I decided to make it live as I felt nothing wrong with it. The comment had questioned my ethics as a blogger. The commenter had asked me a question regarding the originality of the content in the post. Straightforward but very politely, he had asked me to give credit to the original author of the content. And since I was not following the same, I was being dubbed as unethical. Interesting I must say but very true. I agree it was not my original content. I had found it from somewhere on the web and since I loved it so much, I thought about sharing it here on my blog. Obviously, my idea was good and I was also making sure that I stayed away from the copyright violation. I posted the content finally but then I didn’t give credit to anyone.

The reason why I did so because I believed it didn’t belong to anyone. Yes, it was just a small story which I found on an article site. The author of this article had already numerous articles posted there on the site. Just like most of the other posted articles, his article too had a linkback to his blog. And when I visited his blog, I could see that his blog had lots of interesting and useful content on varied topics mostly in the form of short stories.

Now tell me, could all those stories be his original? Believe me, it couldn’t all be his original. Moreover, I had no such reasons to believe so. And even if it were his original then why didn’t he bother to put it as a disclaimer? Tell me, are we that honest enough to shout it loud and say that this work is purely mine. I believe it is nowhere on this web and absolutely not in this blogging world. Even I haven’t been so original with my work. It really is impossible at times. But yes, I do agree that we must give credit to the creators of the original work, often in the form of linkback. But then how could I be unethical to say it simply that I didn’t linked to the original article which I am dead sure didn’t belong to anyone though it was posted on an article site. I could have given the link to the original article if it were not any story, to be honest.

I find nothing unethical with whatever I did. Was I ??