Do you love infographics? I guess yes. Even I too. Seems that the internet today is flooded with infographics especially true for sites like Pinterest which I believe, should be renamed to Pinfographics for a very simple reason. Pinterest has become a haven for infographics. The beauty of Pinterest should be credited to these infographics without which Pinterest would have appeared dull and boring. Anyways yesterday while I was browsing through the Pinterest, I came across two awesome infographics which I just had to repin it for all others to see.
Now, I am sharing the same infographics here for my fellow blog readers. The infographics is related to bloggers and blogging . While one of the infographics is an attempt to study the brain of a blogger, the other deals with the ways to create compelling content which I really found useful from the blogging point of view. So, here are the two awesome infographics. Just have a look and share your thoughts if any.

The Brain of a Blogger (Infographic)

[Via: Geeky Stuffs]
22 Ways to Create Compelling Content - Infographic
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