Yet another infographics here on this blog. Very useful and informative for any blogger out there. The infographics emphasizes on things to be done after any blog post is completed. Most of us do not take these things seriously, even I have been doing the same in recent times and so results haven’t been as good as expected. Usually, it is a tendency from our side to complete things anyway anyhow and expect things to work out automatically. Well, it is never easy as it appears to be. Simply finishing any post and leaving the rest to happen by itself is never going to do any good to your blogging. You need to do a lot more than what you have been doing often with your blogging. This becomes more important if you are seeking to increase  your visibility in the blogosphere, extend your blog readership and on top of it, these things are must do if you want to boost your online marketing efforts..!

So, here is an infographics which is a must see if your serious about blog promotion. The infographics contains a checklist of things for bloggers who have habit of blogging and leaving things as it is. You can keep this infographics as a gentle reminder of things to be taken care of while blogging. Luckily I have been following most of the these things. Only few more things need to be followed to make it all complete…I believe.! Anyways, you can check out the infographics below and share your thoughts if you have any…anything more to add..!

Source: via Aswani on Pinterest