I read a story once where the writer on his blog writes about what i called “Writers Block” by this i meant the blogger wrote about been unable to find the energy or the inspiration to write and cannot find a topic to write about, sounds familiar well recently i found myself in a similar situation then after pondering over a point of Guinness and a can of redbull i finally found some energy.

Guess what there are some very simple and useful solutions that i will recommend to you, just and i said just in case you happen to be in a similar situation and needs some form of inspiration

Stop Writing and Start Reading

Get out a book or some magazine and start reading,check out your favorite blogs look for new post to read then read the comments, leave a comment about what the blogger post.

Check Your Archive

This I found very useful it may not be any thing new to you if you have done this before then you will understand the point i am getting at here. Have a look at some of your old posts check how many comments each post received and the one that did not do very well fire up your favourite editor and give that post a face lift tweaking the contents with a few keywords and repost it.

Go Blog Walking

The best way to do this is by using search engines type your favourite subject in the search bar and hit enter this will take you to other bloggers website read some random posts that are of interest to you by doing this indirectly you are Looking For Inspirations. One such blog i always visit is famousbloggers.net and the famous bloggers club there you will find are lots of bloggers from different niches you are sure to find some thing or interest.

Do Some Site Maintenance

Well did not expect this one yes we bloggers are always keen on giving our visitors something fresh to read this is not bad. As bloggers we need to maintain our blogs this is especially if you have your own domain and running a self hosted CMS WordPress.

This is a good time to check your log files and your analytics statistic report find where your visitors are coming from where they leave this may this time can be used to change your theme add or remove some widgets.

These are the simple maintain task i am referring to.These are just a few tips to solve the the “writers Block Syndrome” there are many more ways when “Looking for Inspirations” share your thoughts with us go on have your say. Thanks for your support.

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