Blogging as a career option. Perhaps this is one of the very first things which we forsee when we decide to take up blogging. Well, many of us still take it as a hobby but somewhere along the way…a desire begins to build to give it a professional thought. It has happened to me and I am sure it happens with many of us.

Blogging was an alien terminology to me and I remember when I got to understand it fully, I was left with nothing except advices and tips to make money out of it. And I was still ok with it. Blogging is mostly about making money online and perhaps this is the single biggest reason why people find blogging as a lucrative career option. Blogging does pay off but to consider it as a full time career option…certainly..fills me with doubts and plenty of questions :( To me, blogging is one of the finest mediums to generate passive income but definitely not a better career prospect.

A career is a general progression of your working or professional life and I doubt, if blogging fulfills the same. Perhaps it does but still, I will never ever let anyone to choose blogging as a full time career option and I have my own reasons for the same.

Blogging is an alien concept and it fits well with the people in the west who unlike us have a better success rate with this thing. Online money making ideas work best for them and not for us. This is my personal observation. Not sure how you people see to it.

Online Money Making is truly one of the hardest activities on this planet. Many bloggers whom I have met in the past have been made to believe that blogging is one easiest ways to make quick bucks but truth is bitter than reality. It never is the same case. In fact, it takes years to build your blogging empire, gain the much needed reputation and ultimately, create a stable flow of income which ultimately should raise to a level where you are satisfied with your efforts and are more willing to choose it as a full time career option.

At times, I get this feeling that there is nothing like a stable income from this blogging thing. Money does come but it is never consistent, that is what I believe. Please clarify me and others on this if you feel that I have a wrong perception of the same.

Professional blogging is very demanding. It demands lots of skills plus many other qualities to keep it going and finally make it work as per your expectations. Its been a common observation from my side to see people especially professional bloggers coming up with ‘n’ number of blogs. The idea is to increase your scope of making money online which does work for most of them but a question often comes in my mind – Managing so many blogs…How do people do it ?? How do people manage to find time for those blogs? How??

Knowledge plus skill both is needed to survive in this blogging race on a long term basis. It is definitely not an overnite success saga. Infact it is place for those keep going against odds and prove their worth. To really make the most of your blogging journey, you need to have a goal and you have to keep yourself focused on the same. You need to have a solid, a rewarding niche to blog upon. Without these perquisites, you are bound to get lost in this made race. And certainly, there is nothing like fruitful career then.

Now, you may laugh at this but I strongly believe that blogging is relatively an emerging concept for we Indians. It is slowly but surely spreading its legs here in this country. But still, just imagine…what if marriages get broken with this blogging concept ? Funny….Isn’t it ??

Being a blogger may be a status symbol for people in the west but definitely not here. We love to be called or termed as bloggers but there are still many who have never heard this term in their lifetime. And to make them understand, it requires helluva Patience. A very basic question comes to my mind – Will a Gal ever take a risk to marry any blogger? or a Guy who has never heard of this term before, will he ever marry a gal who is an avid blogger ?? In a country like India where no one thinks beyond Engineers and Doctors, where does this Blogging stand then :(

Imagine someone from larkiwala asking…larka kya karta hain??? And someone then replying..”Larka to hira hain hira…Blogging karta hain” How would it sound then? My first guess…it will sound as if the guy is into smuggling…hehe ;) And then it would take months to get these terms understood to them…huh :(

Anyways, jokes apart. What I have put above is no nonsense. Blogging is certainly not a right career option for anyone out there. It can pay you the money but certainly it is not where you should be looking to build your career. It is always to better to keep it as a part time activity. Ofcourse, there are many who have proved its worth by making it as their full time career option. But those cases are rare and I just wonder how many of us have the ability to prove it again and again.