I seldom receive an appeal for something and neither do I frequently receive request for something, it’s probably because I’ve nothing much to offer. It’s been the same all the while but today when I logged in to my facebook account I saw a short message from my usual blogger friend, Aswani. I haven’t met him in person, only in blogosphere we meet quite often. So he is a friend to me just like what Aishwarya Rai is to me too! Out of the blue he invited me to be a guest on his blog. Today is Thursday and he gave me a dateline to submit a guest post by Sunday. I hate datelines but somehow another side of me happens to like deadlines, squeezing the adrenalin juice a bit, so to speak. In fact half of my entire adult life has been nothing but chasing datelines. And I hope that I don’t live the rest of my life chasing datelines, an only exception is made here as I like to keep my friend happy and his blog updated. I wonder as to whether I should send him an invoice for this, naah!

In my own personal blog (thebluesmansays.blogspot.com) I write on whatever comes to mind when I punch the keyboard. Most of the times it’s not preplanned. Of course I do have a collection of unfinished posts, sort of work in progress but I somehow I like to write on an impromptu basis. My radar seems to work well in those situation. That’s why sometimes I can publish three or four posts on one seating especially when I’m in the mood. Sometimes the same piece of mood can be extended for a few days and so a single blog post maybe written and continue to be written over a period of a few days, only when the fire is burning hot. Nothing gives me a greater sense of accomplishment than to see the nonsensical ideas taking shapes and finally turning them into a complete composition with some meaning at the end of it all. Oh what a feeling! (p.s. btw, this post took less than 30 mins. to complete).

At times I wonder whether the 80/20 rule applies to my blogging too. The 80/20 rule was first expounded by the Italian Vilfredo Pareto who observed at one time that 80% of the land in Italy was owned by 20% of the population. Pareto demonstrated with his research this rule holds true, in a very rough sense, to an 80/20 ratio. That’s how the rule originated. And now the application is more widespread and used in all kinds of situation, even in the field of management. These numbers don’t have to be “20%” and “80%” exactly as it it can be 90/10, 75/25 and so on. The Pareto principle helps us to realize that the majority of results come from a minority of inputs.

Hence, as I’m writing this post, the Pareto principle comes to mind when touching upon the subject of minority of inputs, which to me includes impromptu writing of blog posting. Indeed it is true for me that 80% of my post comes from 20% of my on the spot writing on whatever comes to my mind as I punch the keyboard. This is one example. And judging from the work in progress that has yet to be published I’m not really that very far away off from this rule. In my own blog I’ve this small caption that reads “sometimes I like to say something” which somehow explains all these. A blogger friend once commented that I like to write on some boring subjects and along the way make them an interesting piece to read. It always happen when I start to punch my keyboard when the right mood sets in.

Frankly I do not know how others come up with their blog post. I guess there’re a variety of ways. How I wish I can be more systematic like those accomplished copywriters, maybe I’ll learn to be one in the near future. But for the time being I’m quite happy with just this what comes to my mind approach. Ciao, bro’!

Warmest Regards,