How to Boost Your Click Through Rate With Rich Snippet?

The search engines form a major source of traffic for a great majority of websites. Every website is represented in the search engine result pages in a rich snippet that delivers the basic knowledge about the content and products. The users search for products or services by typing keywords and phrases and click a web link that seems to be appropriate and relevant to their needs. It is the moment when the rich snippets form an important role in making a good first impression and driving traffic to your website.

The eCommerce business managers find it quite beneficial in showing the primary data about products in the rich snippet. Merchants can easily rack information in a structured data markup like a brand name and image, description, reviews, and ratings, etc.

The display of additional information in the rich snippet depends on the platform you use for your online business. For instance, the PrestaShop users may need to modify the code or install a plugin. The PrestaShop Rich Snippets module is a reliable recommendation, whereas WordPress users can find an alternative solution for their websites. With the help of an application, you can represent product data in a well-structured format and yield higher results from the SERPs.

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How rich snippets affect the click-through-rate?

The click through rate increases when useful information is displayed with the help of a rich snippet. The online buyers are much careful about clicking a website link whether they are browsing on desktops or mobile gadgets. They need to click a website that fulfills their needs and they don’t have to turn back to the searches again and hunt for more websites. So, they quickly scan the Meta description and any review or rating to decide either click or not. Following are some of the ways you can optimize the additional information that ultimately boosts the click through rate.

Evaluate your business needs

Every business has a set of goals and they can be achieved accordingly. A content marketing strategy that may apply to a business may not be as useful for another. So, before adding rich snippets, evaluate the kind of content that performs well for your business.

An eCommerce website’s usual goal is to sell products and bring in revenue. For a higher click through rate, they need to put forth maximum product information in the rich snippets. It lets the users know most of the data at a glance and clicks the link out of curiosity.

If we talk about bloggers, they may need author tags in the rich snippets to get recognition as writers and influencers. Bloggers do product reviews to reap more return from affiliate marketing and so they may need ratings to ensure the readers endorse a piece of content, which ultimately increases the CTR. So, the rich snippets depend on the nature of your business and the kind of the content a user wants to review before clicking.

Set a Format

The format really matters when it comes to displaying your website to a great number of audiences in the prominent search engines. The supported formats are JSON-LD, Microdata, and RDFa. Talking specifically about Google, the JSON-LD is a recommended format as it seems to be in use by more than 3 million websites.

Once you decide the content you need to display and select a format, you will need an application to create the rich snippets. The WordPress users can take help from to generate the code. Though it is a free tool, but you may need to pay for the advanced features you may need the most.

The will require you to generate a code separately for each page and embed it accordingly. And, then the additional information will show up in the results. On the other hand, the PrestaShop users can easily automate the whole process with a rich snippet tool as mentioned in the above paragraph. If you are now to be added structured information, you can please seek help from the guide that drafts the method of adding rich snippets in PrestaShop.

Start testing the changes

The rich snippets will start showing up in searching engine results as soon you generate and embed the code in a page. But to avoid errors, you can test with Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool, whereas you can test the same by searching a page with its relevant keywords, and examine how the rich snippets appear after you have made the changes.

Adding structured information to the website that is specific to your business requires continuous testing for higher performance. You can start by comparing the clicks before and after adding the rich snippets and see the difference it made.

It is difficult to find a tool for testing either the rich snippets are well optimized to get more clicks or not, so you will have to try different methods. The Google Search Console may not be helpful in getting an idea of the improved performance of your website, whereas you can overview the total clicks and an average CTR for each page. For this, just log into your Google Search Console, navigate to Search Traffic and click Search Analytics.

The click-through rate does not solely depend on the rich snippet because your keywords’ rankings also play a major part. Before testing the rich snippets, you have to ensure the keywords are ranking on the first pages of search engines.

For example, you add useful information to a product page and it starts showing the rich snippets in search results, but the page ranking goes down to another page. Here, you will have to consider the stability of rankings. The users will only be useful the rich snippets if your product pages appear in the top results. So, you will have to continuously test the effectiveness of the changes along with the page positions against specific keywords.

Final Thoughts

The essence of a successful online business is its creative and compelling web design and an effective SEO campaign. The web design and user experience come second when you have a lot of users coming through the search engines, and you have to focus on how to make them click your web address in the searches.

The click through rate becomes more significant than optimizing for higher conversions. It is the number of the times the users prefer your website among the thousands of searches. So, make it impressive, useful and informational at the first glance to compel them to pay a visit to your visit.

The rich snippets are quite beneficial in improving the click through rate as it allows you to place the additional information about the nature of your website, product or service. With the help of the above tips, you can easily add rich snippets to each page of your website to make them stand out from the rest of your competitors.

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