Get Ready to Buy Mobile Phones with Big Discounts in India

Yes, you read it right. The coming days this month will let users in India to buy mobile phone and other items from online marketplaces with heavy discounts. These heavy discounts are likely to be continued for this whole month leading to July 1. So, if you had missed out shopping for your favorite mobile or any other item during the big sale on ecommerce sites like Flipkart and Amazon, you need not to worry much.

You still have a chance to buy your favorite samsung mobile or any other item in your wishlist this month. Retailers in India are prepping up to offer discounts directly to the customers via both online and offline modes. Moreover, price cuts from retailers are very likely to avoid any unsold inventory. Atleast 10% discount on mobile phones is expected in late June.

Why sudden price drops?

The sudden price drop is likely to amuse many. While there are a lot of theories justifying the price drops, one major and valid reason for the same is the roll-out of GST in India. Yes, the new Goods and Services Tax (GST) is likely to make things costly and mobile phones are no exception. Full implementation of GST from July 1 will see rise in price of various items including mobile phones. In a very recent event, 12% of tax rate was fixed in India for telephones for cellular networks and parts for their manufacture.

The rate was fixed by council responsible for deciding tax rates on goods and services in India. The fixed rate decided by the council is likely to make most phones expensive by 4-5% from their current tag prices as quoted by the industry body Indian Cellular Association. The higher pricing will kick in from July 1 and so then customers will have to pay out more on their shopping!

Well, there is nothing to panic yet. You atleast have 20 days more before GST can be fully implemented and till then users in India have this good news coming regarding discounts offered by retailers both offline and online. Shoppers in India can expect to avail amazing discounts and offers this month especially on mobile phones.

Happy Shopping!!

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