Camera Equipment for Advanced Photographers

There are two types of digital cameras, the classic point and shoot and the more complex DSLR digital camera, which is more often used by professional photographers. As professionals, there are many accessories necessary to capture that perfect shot.

Choosing a Camera

Of course, absolutely hands-down, your camera is going to be the most important accessory. If you are a beginner and looking to get a better camera or a camera at all, you will want to ask yourself what you will be using it for. As a hobbyist seeking a photography career or a newbie in the business, the classic point and shoot digital camera will simply not be enough.

There are a few things to think about when purchasing a new camera. Does this camera grant room for manual control of shutter speed and other features, and change of the ISO? Does it grant long exposure times or have a bulb mode? For some, if they are photographing scenes or subjects outside, it is also important to see if the camera is waterproof or has a sort of weather sealing. Think about what you will be photographing, whether it be landscapes or family portraits, as to better understand the type of camera with which you will flourish.


Lenses are an important part of the photographer’s pack regardless of what they are shooting, because they have the potential to shoot the ideal photo. There will be lenses that come with a camera when it is purchased, and those that photographers can buy separately. If you do not have previous experience you may not know which to purchase. It is typical for the more expensive and advanced lenses to produce more quality photographs.

Classic point and shoot digital cameras have a fixed lens. One of the most important accessories for a DSLR digital camera is, in fact, the lens. There are many types of lenses, one brand in particular is are sigma lenses.

Sigma lenses come from Japan, is a trusted and dependable brand, and come in both fixed and prime lenses. Sigma lenses can be standard and wide zoom, telephoto zoom lenses, macro lenses, as well as wide-angle and fisheye lenses. It’s ideal for the advanced photographer because they add value to any photo series.


Filters are one fundamental piece of the advanced photography toolkit, and every photographer’s toolkit. There are only a few filters that are important to have, because software can play a big role in giving a photo the look that you’ve envisioned.

The most practical filter for all photographers to keep around is called a polarizer. The polarizer gets rude of glare from a glossy surface (aside from metal); they help to dim skies and lessen haze. Images become more imbued and dynamic. Filters may turn out to be expensive for your budget, but a poor quality or cheap filter can damage the quality of your image.


Many likely do not see the tripod to be nearly as important as other professional camera accessories. You may not need a camera every day and at every shoot in your career, but to invest in a quality tripod can be important. Too many photographers do not think that they need a tripod at all and elect to buy the cheapest tripod possible. Because of this, when they do need it, it does not work properly or simply breaks easily. If you know that you need one, and will use it often, you will invest in a more expensive and quality model.


Software, such as Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and Capture One Pro being the most popular options, can be another essential tool for photographers. These programs, primarily, allow professionals to edit their pictures, and to keep them well organized. The less expensive option is Adobe, but Capture One Pro is debatably better. Remember to do your research and find the software program that works best for you and the work that you’re doing!

Business Cards

If you need another way to get your name out there, business cards are a great means for this. They contain online information such as your email or website, as well as other contact specifics. These are great tools for the advanced photographer because, if you have not already set up your own business, you are well on your way!

Be There, Be Passionate

As a new professional or an enthusiastic hobbyist, there is quite a lot of equipment that becomes necessary to create that winning shot. Whichever gear you may need, whether you are shooting wildlife or landscapes, your equipment is never going to be as important as your passion for the trade. This is important to remember because, if you don’t know how to use advanced equipment, there is really no point.

Understand your subject, what it is powerful about the scene and what will be compelling about the photo, and find balance – a balance between great equipment and a winning photograph.

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