Can Wearable Tech be used for VoIP?

Wearable technology is gaining ground very fast. Modern watches are in a strong position to dethrone traditional watches. Can this new technology be used for VoIP?

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Well, there’s no doubt that wearable are the latest, hottest thing in the industry. You certainly would have heard a lot about them if you’ve been to any recent tech shows or read any recent blogs about mobile technology. Wearable technology has to do with people putting anything on their bodies that can collect or transmit data: wristwatches, fitness trackers, video cameras, internet-connected glasses, and many more devices that have yet to be thought of. The general idea is that these devices will feed the user an unlimited stream of data — that can hopefully be worked into some useful form. Then people will be able to amass this data just by wearing simple, everyday items. They won’t have to use their tablets, phones or other mobile data entry devices.

These devices can serve a dual purpose. They can typically be used for communication as well. We are in an age where communication is made so easy by Voice over IP, after all. It is possible to get a functional VoIP stack running on even a generic smartwatch. This was demonstrated by an Israeli company at a recent Mobile World Congress.

Consider this quick scenario, then: A person slips back their jacket sleeve and places a video call using their VoIP-enabled watch. It’s enough to give you a feeling that you’re far in the future! Previously this sort of thing was seen only in science fiction movies, or at least in James Bond films. But this can be seen today, with the assistance of VoIP providers. It’s not hard to imagine with a few upgrades of wearable tech.

It’s quite likely that this will happen sooner, rather than later. The first editions of the smart watches that have already come out, as well as Google Glass, have set us on the right track for this very thing. Couple that with what’s already happened in the VoIP sector — people connecting effectively and efficiently with customers and colleagues using VoIP — and it’s easy to see the winning scenario. People in SMBs can, of course, stay connected using their existing small business VoIP solutions. And they enjoy the benefit of wearable tech, feeling future forward while at the same time resting in their offices, or being on the go.

The aforementioned Israeli company ran a demo in which they put a small, yet still fully functional corporate phone on a generic Chinese Android smartwatch. Granted, it was a demo and not an actual product. Still, it did work, which is more than can be said for many other tech demos. It did place calls to other wireless devices, and to a GSM cell phone as well. True, the voice quality wasn’t really there. But it was good enough, considering that one end was on a noisy trade show floor, and the other was another guy on a watch. The other call was an international one.

The next major step forward in mobility is, without a doubt, wearable tech. It will undoubtedly be interesting to stay informed of that market while going forward. At the same time, be sure to obtain the best VoIP solution and supporting infrastructure. This will ensure everything is in place so you can capitalize on each new communication device.

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